Illustration of greyhound holding L flag and wearing a graduation cap

Graduating Greyhounds

As they embark on the next chapter, meet some of our undergraduate and graduate students who will be earning their degrees in Mayand learn how their Loyola experiences will shape their futures.

Amber Davis


Amber’s interdisciplinary major and minor allow her to explore different paths that incorporate her academic passions and career pursuits

Audrey Schoonover-Brown


Audrey’s involvement on campus and Loyola’s emphasis on cura personalis make her proud to be a Hound

Bailey Whalen


Loyola's CPaMS Scholars program connected Bailey with a cohort of students that feel like family and challenge her to think critically

Benjamin Gratz


The close relationships Ben has formed with mentors are allowing him to gain valuable experience in the medical field

Robert Portway


Loyola’s liberal arts education and personalized approach to learning inspires Bobby to grow as an effective leader and pursue his passions

Cameron Di Leo


Passionate professors and the Clinical Professional Counseling program’s integration of Jesuit values help Cameron better serve his patients as a clinical counselor

Christian McNeill


Christian's experience has been shaped by opportunities to advocate for others and Loyola's focus on care for the whole person

Claudia Ortega


Claudia discovered her passion for speech-language pathology when she learned English; she hopes to help those with communication disorders in the future

Edik Pribitkin


Top-notch academics, a strong athletic tradition, and state-of-the-art athletic facilities made Loyola the perfect fit for Edik

Eleanor Kluegel


Elli is pursuing a master’s in Emerging Media and enjoying the deep connections she formed with her professors and mentors, who supported her as an undergraduate student

Gillian Blackwood


Gillian’s major in biology and minor in business are preparing her for a future in health care leadership

Ian Chishol


Ian is applying what he learns in Loyola's Ed Tech program to create an exceptional online learning environment—and teach others how to do the same

Josefina Munoz Nogales


For Josie, a dedicated mentor has fostered her academic growth and provided opportunities to conduct meaningful research

Julia Cataneo


For Julia, the meaningful relationships she formed with professors has made Loyola feel like home

Kelly Williamson


The M.S. in Speech-Language Pathology offered Kelly the opportunity to grow from one-on-one experiences with licensed, experienced speech-language pathologists

Knekiya Harper


Knekiya says she found everything she wanted at Loyola: the training to become a mental health therapist, hands-on counseling experience, and the chance to be a mentor

LaShanda Lawrence


LaShanda values her Loyola education, as she is applying what she learns in her program directly to her classroom and can share her passion for social justice with her students and colleagues

Madeline Valentine


Madeline’s relationships with incredible faculty and mentors inspired her passion for research

Maria Jaeckel


Maria credits the support and opportunities she discovered at Loyola for her success as a full-time student and CEO of her own company

Matthew Portell


Matthew credits Loyola’s world-class faculty for his success in his graduate program and career

Mhret Alemu


Loyola’s wealth of opportunities for leadership experience, internships, and community service stimulates Mhret’s personal and academic growth

Mia Ferri


Mia's future students will benefit from her experiences at Loyola: from her education classes to student teaching to leadership and personal growth opportunities

Michelle Tran


Michelle’s relationships with mentors and faculty have helped her gain internship experience and build a writing portfolio in preparation for her future career

Monica Pang


Monica is pursuing an M.Ed. in Montessori Education at Loyola, with hopes of more deeply understanding the educational philosophy to shape the lives of her future students

Natalie Labib


At Loyola, Natalie has become a stronger leader and found opportunities to show off her Greyhound pride

Ryan Brooks


Ryan’s major in political science and support from faculty equipped him for an internship on Capitol Hill

Sarah Calamita


Both the love for Baltimore and the relationships she developed with professors as an undergrad inspired Sarah to pursue her master's at Loyola

Stephanie Suzadail


Stephanie is combining her experience as a nurse along with the Emerging Media program to create an app that better serves her patients in a digital age

Stephen Kaiser


At Loyola, Stephen is able to complete academic research and write about subjects he is passionate about