Loyola University Maryland

Building a Better World Through Business

2020 Pitch Competition Teams

Congratulations to this year's advancing pitch teams.

While it is regrettable that we will not see these ideas come to life during the pitch competition due to the cancellation of the 2020 Building a Better World Through Business, we want to honor and applaud those students who advanced to the pitch competition phase. With 44 pitch proposal submissions, only 27% of the submissions (12 teams) were chosen to advance to the competition round. Below please find the name of the initiative and the names of the student team members. Congratulations on this achievement! 

B'More Books
Olivia S., Siena P., Maddie M., and Ben H.

B'MORE United
Danielle L., Jack H., Dyanne G., and Brendan F.

Baltimore BASE
Patricia O., Maddie B., Angela W., and Morgan F.

Baltimore Kiosk Community
Allison L., Lizzie L., Liam O., and Aljandro C.

Cash for Trash
Ben C.

ClariFi Knowledge Sharing Platform
Katherine S., Spencer B., Franklin P., and Brendan O.

Collegiate Consulting Group
Tomas F., Jon Henry B., and Isaiah W.

Michael Glenn G., Giovanni B, and Elise K.

Bryant J., Luke H., and Emilio E.

Mobile Markets
Robert O. and Dylan R.

Matthew P. and Ethan M.

Tap Out Lead
Rose F., Jack B., Joseph C., and Erin C.

Stay tuned for 2021 Building a Better World Through Business event series details!