Loyola University Maryland

The Big Dig III

Global Humanities

Join us on Saturday, September 29, from 1 – 4 p.m., for our Parents Weekend event, The Big Dig III, presented by Loyola’s Center for the Humanities. The celebration will feature Loyola student summer research presentations and the annual Nachbahr Address by Loyola professor Thomas Ward, Ph.D.

Loyola Students Present Their Summer Research

Beatrice King, ’19
Gramercy Global in Berlin Germany

Gail Rabasca, '19
National Endowment for the Humanities: Office of Congressional Affairs

Marisa Gochie, ’19
The Limits of Renewability: The Ethics of "Clean Energy" in Costa Rica

Phoebe Labat, ’19
Exploring the Connections between the Choctaws and the Irish during and after the Great Irish Famine

Hannah Loiselle, ’19
The Rise of Humanitarianism in the Middle East: The Early Years of the British Syrian Mission (1860-1891)

Megan Adlem, ’20
Excavating in the Aegean: The Case of Despotiko at College Year in Athens

Nachbahr Address

Thomas Ward, Ph.D.
The Life of the Mind: When Class Overwhelms Race and Gender

Center for the Humanities Affiliate Teaching Award 2018

Catherine Savell, M.A.
Modern Languages and Literatures

Center for Humanities