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Bridging the Divide

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Some research shows that students do better when they're learning with children of different races and incomes. Yet even as Maryland's population grows more diverse, our schools are increasingly segregated. In a four-part series coming in March, The Baltimore Sun takes an in-depth look at three efforts to break through racial barriers. "Bridging the Divide" will also look at other models and what strategies policymakers are working on for Maryland

As a follow-up, The Sun, Maryland Humanities, Loyola University of Maryland’s Office of Academic Affairs, and Center for Innovation in Urban Education will be hosting a community conversation. The forum, funded through a grant from the Education Writers Association, will be a candid dialogue on the path forward for school integration and whether that could help improve academic outcomes for all students of various racial and income backgrounds.


Karl Alexander, Ph.D.
Executive Director of The Thurgood Marshall Alliance

S. Dallas Dance, Ph.D.
Superintendent of Baltimore County Public Schools

Marcy Leonard
Principal, Hammond High School

Elizabeth Nix, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of History Legal, Ethical & Historical Studies, University of Baltimore

Camika Royal, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Teacher Education and Co-Director for the Center for Innovation in Urban Education, Loyola University Maryland


Andrew Green, Editorial Page Editor, The Baltimore Sun

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