Loyola University Maryland

Emerging Scholars


Free parking is available beginning at 5:00 the day of the event at the Loyola-Notre Dame Library, located at 200 Winston Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21212

If the library parking lot is full, you may park along the curb (just not in the traffic circle, or where it is a fire lane), or also consider parking at the Butler Hall parking lot.  From the library, please follow these directions to get to the Butler Hall parking lot: 

  1. Leave the library parking lot, and turn right, heading south on York Road.
  2. Turn right on Cold Spring Lane.
  3. Turn right onto campus at the Millbrook Road traffic light.
  4. Proceed straight, through the three-way intersection.  Proceed to the next stop sign, and then take the road to the right as it curves up the hill.
  5. At the top of the hill, you will see a fairly large parking lot.  All of this parking is free after 4pm. The library is a short walk down the hill, behind Hammerman Hall and Butler Hall.