Loyola University Maryland

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Jacquelyn Hotchkiss, Stephanie Flores-Koulish, Ph.D.

Examination of a School Closure Within Baltimore City Public Schools

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This project aims to examine the closure process at one specific Baltimore City Public School through various stakeholder perspectives to see if it algins with research-based practices. School closings, especially in large urban districts, are inevitable due to outdated facilities, low-academic performance, and the transient nature of urban living. Previous reseach shows that open and honest communication between the community and the urban school district is necessary to maintain trust and ensure a positive transition to the receiving school. The goal of this research is to better understand how members of the school community understood the District’s decision-making and the framing of the closure deicison. At the conclusion of this project, I will discuss the possible implications of missteps in communication during the closure process as it pertains to trust-realtionships between the District in its stakeholders-- including the school community, the teachers and staff, and administrators within the district.