Loyola University Maryland

Green Dot Program

Meet Our Trainers

Spreading Green Dot on our campus wouldn’t be possible without the hard work and dedication of our trainers. Our trainers are very invested in the issue of power-based, personal violence and making our community safer. All of our trainers have attended a 4-day workshop to become Green Dot certified and teach our campus about Green Dot.

Melissa Lees

Sexual Violence Prevention Response and Education Coordinator
Student Development

Tim Cherney

Associate Director
Student Life

David Gerrity

Associate Athletic Director

My Connection - I am committed to this work because I have seen how it can cause so much pain and frustration. I believe that each person in a community needs to take a stand and live in a way that promotes a safe community where violence of any kind is not welcome. It is my job to help stop violence and to help provide our community with the tools to help stop violence.  It is of vital importance that I do this work and help create a community based on the goal of violence prevention. I have also come to the realization that one person can make a difference is reducing violence. I will do my part to help others gain this realization as well.

Professional Bio - My work at Loyola is in the Athletic department.  I work with student-athletes and with the professional staff to build a successful and dynamic Division 1 athletic program.  I am responsible to student development and career development for our student-athletes.  I also moderate our Student-Athlete Advisory Committee and coordinate the Loyola Greyhounds Leadership Academy.  I oversee the athletic department's human resources program and supervise several sports (men's lacrosse, men's golf, men's and women's tennis, and men's and women's swimming and diving.)  I will be starting my 26th year at Loyola this fall.  I am a 1987 graduate of Loyola and also have my MBA (99) from the Sellinger School of Business. Go Hounds!

Kate Grubb Clark

Kate Grubb ClarkAssociate Director
Student Activities

My Connection - I am committed to this work because I no longer want to live in a world where violence is a forgone conclusion.  That the world in which our children and our children’s children will grow up will be different and that we play an important role in ensuring that will happen.   I am confident in our ability as a society to say enough is enough and we want change!  Through my training in the Green Dot program, I have seen the positive ways in which we can enact change through small steps.  I know it won’t happen overnight, but I also know that it can and will happen, we all just have to do our part to make it happen!

Professional Bio - Kate Grubb Clark is an associate director of student activities.  She holds both a Masters of Business Administration and a Bachelors of Arts in Political Science from Loyola University.  She works with a variety of student organizations including the OPTIONS and SuperFans programs as well serves as a Messina Mentor in the Messina program.  Kate has participated in multiple training programs on issues related to violence against women and partner violence.  She also serves as an advisor, adjudicator and investigator for Title IX violations at Loyola.  She has also been certified as a Green Dot Trainer for higher education programs.   She is a member of the Green Dot training team at Loyola University Maryland and she has presented an overview of the Green Dot program at the 2014 National Jesuit Student Leadership Program and at the Class of 2019 Fall Welcome Weekend.  Additionally, she has lead a training of student leaders at Loyola as part of the Ignatian Leadership Institute. “Be the Change You Wish to See in the World.” - Ghandi

Annie Marshall

Assistant Director, Business Operations
Recreation and Wellness

My Connection - I am committed to this work for the concern and safety of all people.  Power based personal violence is unacceptable.  Doing nothing is not an option.  Being part of Green Dot is my way of paying it forward as we stand up and commit to doing our part and sending the message that violence will not be tolerated at Loyola or anywhere.

On a Personal Note - In my free time I enjoy hiking, bicycling, running and spending time with my spouse and our four legged mammals. Some of my favorite things are: pizza, jazz music, rock hounding on the shores of Lake Superior and watching Chopped.

Kathy Clark-Petersen

Assistant to the Dean of Students
Student Development

My Connection - I believe violence is not inevitable in our world. I am the mother of two daughters and this compels me to spend my time and energy doing all I can to make the world a safer place. Every person in every community is called to act justly and care for the other. And it is to this standard that I believe we can all aspire. So many hurts in life could be avoided if we actively demonstrated care for each other. Power based personal violence does not need to happen and I know I have a part to play in doing all I can to keep it from happening – in whatever community I find myself. 

On a Personal Note - I consider myself an educator and life-long learner at heart and welcome any opportunity to engage in the teaching and learning process. I am passionate about my faith, my family and women's issues. I am always up for time with my husband, talking (OK texting) with my daughters while they are away at college, cheering my daughter on at the softball field, reading a good book, engaging in conversations on topics that really matter, sharing a cup of tea with friends, walking on any beach, eating warm apple pie with vanilla ice cream and coming home to a clean house. 

Michael Puma

Mike PumaCo-Director
Living Learning Communities Program

My Connection - I am committed to the work because I believe in being proactive. During my 15 years working in higher education, I have been part of many investigations and conduct hearings that impact so many students and families.  The brokenness has a lasting effect.  I have also had the privilege of advising the Take Back the Night club at Loyola.  Through Take Back the Night, I have heard the wisdom and witnessed the courage of so many students as the talk about how they go on.  While the event and the students are inspiring, I often wonder how we could have prevented the act of violence from taking place.  Green Dot allows all of us to play a crucial role in shaping a community of respect where violence is not tolerated.   We have the power to change lives through small, but powerful acts of intervention.

Professional Bio - Michael Puma was born and raised in Brooklyn and currently serves as the Co-Director of Messina, Loyola’s living learning program for first-year students.  While at Loyola, Puma has taken part in several retreats and immersion trips including Road Trip, first year and senior retreat, UNITE, Spring Break Outreach and Encuentra El Salvador. He also served as president of Loyola's Phi Beta Kappa chapter and currently co-coordinates OUT Loyola - Loyola's LGBTQ group for faculty, staff and administrators.  He is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in Higher Education Administration at the University of Maryland, College Park.

Megan Rowemegan-rowe

Associate Director Housing Operations
Student Life

My Connection: I am committed to this work as I am tired of seeing the effects that power based personal violence has on our students.  I believe that through educating bystanders we can change the culture of violence to one where each individual is respected and our community is safe.  I know we can make a culture change and I am committed to being a part of that change.

On A Personal Note: I love food.  I love cooking, eating, and sharing good food with friends and family.  I also enjoy watching movies, gardening, refinishing furniture, decorating and spending time with my husband and our cat Sage.

Christina Spearman

christina-spearmanStudent Life

My Connection - Power based personal violence is not inevitable. I came to this realization while sitting in Green Dot training. I realized that I had mistakenly believed that violence was inevitable, and I had been spending my time and energy focusing on responding to violence instead of doing my part to end the violence. I am committed to this work, because I know that we can make a difference and make our Loyola community and our world a better, safer place. We all have a part to play, and when we each do our own small parts, big things happen. No matter our obstacles, there are so many things we can do each day to prevent violence from happening and make it clear that violence is not tolerated in our community. As a new mother, I think about the world I want my son to grow up in, and I know we can make that world a reality if we work together. 
On a Personal Note - I love Clemson football, watching the Oscars, all things Broadway, the Orioles, and reading. My dream is to teach a class about pop culture and give a Ted Talk. I met my husband when we played Cinderella and Prince Charming in Into the Woods. My son is the cutest. 

Hope Supernault

Hope SupernaultAssistant Director
Office of Student Engagement

My Connection - Many of my friends have personally experienced power-based violence. I myself would have been a victim of assault if I had not had amazing bystanders willing to step-in and say violence is not tolerated here. I know that this happens and that it does not have to happen. We all have the responsibility to take action and Loyola’s core values instill in us the importance of community, integrity, and leadership; all of our students have the capacity to make an impact and change our campus for the better.

On a Personal Note - I am from Buffalo(ve), NY and am very passionate about living in cities. I love to spend my time outdoors: hiking, kayaking, and walking exploring cities! I am an animal advocate and dog lover. I am in love with making and eating all kinds of food. My favorite quote is "As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world, as in being able to remake ourselves."  - Gandhi

David Tiscione

David TiscioneAssistant Director Student Conduct
Student Life

My Connection - I am committed to ending power based personal violence because through my work at Colleges and Universities, specifically at Loyola, I have seen how these acts affect survivors and their friends and family.  I think back to my own college experience when I was always aware of what my friends were doing and so I was always available to intervene in negative situations.  I know that people at Loyola are always in a situation to intervene as well, and if they do, we can eliminate power based personal violence from our community.

On a Personal Note - I am an avid sports fan, and I’m always playing or watching them.  I love playing golf, and my team allegiances are the Boston Red Sox, New England Patriots, Maryland Terps, Washington Capitals, and of course your Loyola Greyhounds.  I love music and it’s hard to find me working in my office without jamming out to some eclectic mix!