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The Ignatian Year

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Rev. Arturo Sosa, S.J., the 31st superior general of the Society of Jesus, called for a celebration and remembrance of the 500th anniversary of Ignatius being wounded by a cannonball at the battle of Pamplona. This is a significant moment in the life of Ignatius as he underwent a transformation of heart during his recuperation which would lead him from being Ignatius the soldier to Ignatius the pilgrim. The Ignatian Year began on May 20, 2021, and will conclude on the Feast of St. Ignatius, July 31, 2022.

The Ignatian year provides us with an opportunity to celebrate with gratitude the tremendous gift St. Ignatius bestowed upon us through his vocation, the Spiritual Exercises, the founding of the Society of Jesus and our Jesuit educational system. Over the course of the year, Loyola University Maryland will offer the community opportunities to celebrate, reflect, pray, and discern how we might, as individuals and as a Jesuit university, offer a more loving and generous response to God, ourselves, one another, and the world.

About the Ignatian Year

A prayer to celebrate the Ignatian Year

from the Jesuit Conference of Canada and the United States

God of all people,

You were there when the cannonball shattered the leg of St. Ignatius, shattered his dreams, and shattered what he assumed his life would be. Even in a moment of pain and uncertainty, doubt and darkness, you spoke to Ignatius a word of peace and light. You showed him the path to you and the person he might become.

We may not be soldiers, standing in the path of a literal cannonball. And yet, we’ve been hit all the same. Cannonballs shatter our own hopes and dreams and expectations.

Like Ignatius, may we hear the compassionate voice of your Son in the aftermath of these cannonball blasts. May we seek the face of Christ even when our dreams are shattered. May we turn and follow Jesus with the courage it takes to change and grow.

As we journey through this Ignatian Year, may we be shown the path to you, God of all people, and live out our vocation, becoming the person you have invited us to be. Give us the grace to work for reconciliation every day: with you, with others and with your creation. Open our eyes so we might see all things new in Christ.