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Sharing Their Voices

Students Talk Back

This space is designed for college and high school students to provide a site for them to add their collective voices to the ongoing conversations about race and social justice. Each month, students will be invited to submit a one-minute video answering a specific question so that they can “talk back” and “speak up” on the issues.

Why should we continue to celebrate Black History Month?

What role has social media come to play in resistance and liberation movements?

Why is it important to tell your own story?

What is the future of democracy?

What are the different lenses that we used to form and shape our identities?

What is white supremacy and what are the different ways that it manifests?

Whoever controls the media, do they also control the culture?

What is critical race theory and should it be taught in school?

What is your race story?

Is America ready for a woman president?

Is 2021 the year of the woman?

What does social justice look like in Biden/Harris' America?

Should America continue to celebrate black history month?

Has Dr. King's dream been achieved?

What are the first three things that the Biden/Harris administration should focus on and why?

What is the future of democracy?

Am I antiracist?

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