Status of Summer Camp 2023

Camp Greyhound is currently in the process of a national search for a summer camp director in hopes of offering camp this summer. We will have an update in mid-February on the status of that search and the status of summer camp.

Loyola University Maryland

Camp Greyhound


During the day your camper will participate in...

Recreational Sports Activities/Games
Street Hockey
Capture the Flag
PE games
Board games
Card games
Scavenger hunts
Arts and Crafts
Specialized Activities Water Play Activities
Climbing wall
Pool activities/games
Water squirters
Water balloons


Campers prepare to play ball sports in Loyola's gymnasium while the Greyhound mascot, Iggy, cheers in the background
Campers enjoy a variety of ball sports in Loyola's gymnasium
A male counselor plays a jumbo version of Connect Four with a camper outside
The counselors get in on the fun too!
Three male campers play cornhole on the lawn outside Loyola's Fitness and Aquatic Center
Camp Greyhound offers a variety of lawn games for the children to enjoy outdoors
Campers play cornhole outside while Loyola's Greyhound mascot, Iggy, looks on
Lawn games take on a whole new level of fun when Loyola's Greyhound mascot, Iggy, stops by for a visit!
Loyola's Greyhound mascot, Iggy, plays cornhole
Loyola's Greyhound mascot, Iggy, even gets in on the fun!
A female camper smiles at the camera while decorating a cloth pencil case using markers
Campers do a variety of arts and crafts, such as decorating cloth pencil cases with markers
Two children decorate cloth pencil cases using markers at a table indoors
Campers enjoy downtime indoors, watching movies, playing games, and doing arts and crafts
A camper throws a ball at a target and successfully dunks a counselor who throws his arms up as he falls into the water
One of the biggest hits at camp is dunking your counselors!
A drenched female counselor sits on a plank over a dunk tank while children line up for a chance to dunk her
Students line up for an opportunity to dunk a counselor
A female camper smiles for the camera while playing outdoors
Campers get plenty of outdoor time at Camp Greyhound
Three female campers pose for a photo with two Greyhound statues, Loyola's mascot
Two statues of Loyola's greyhound mascot are located directly outside the entrance to Loyola's Fitness and Aquatic Center - a prime photo spot!
Three children laying on their bellies on wheeled platforms, holding small laundry baskets face down to catch balls on the ground, while another student holds their legs and directs them around the room
Human Hungry Hippo, a camper favorite game!
A child in a yellow shirt runs through a blue and purple inflatable obstacle course
A blow up obstacle course for Adventure and Mystery week at camp!
A child about halfway down an inflatable slide
Campers enjoy a large inflatable slide during Adventure and Mystery week at camp
A crowd of campers surround Loyola's Greyhound mascot, Iggy, outside as he arrives to meet them
Campers love when Loyola's Greyhound mascot, and our camp namesake, shows up for a visit
A female child paints a canvas on easel, with many more children doing the same in the background
Throughout the week, campers participate in different arts and crafts activities such as painting
Campers lift a large parachute while playing games inside Loyola's gymnasium
Who doesn't love playing parachute?!
Campers adorn props while preparing to pose for photos with Loyola's mascot, Iggy
Campers get an opportunity to take photos with Loyola's Greyhound mascot, Iggy
Campers adorn props while holding their strip of photo booth photos
Campers get to wear props for the photos and get a strip of photos to remember their camp experience
Many campers crowd in for a group photo
Campers push the limits of how many people can crowd into one photo strip
A camper shows off his props for the photoshoot
Campers are encouraged to showcase their personal style for the camera
Two children climb Loyola's rock wall, while two staff members guide them
Campers get an opportunity to test their rock climbing skills at camp, under the careful supervision of staff
A camper climbs the rock while while a staff member assists
Loyola's 30-foot rock climbing wall is designed for all skill levels, and staff members provide instruction
Two male students play spikeball on the lawn outside Loyola's Fitness and Aquatic Center
Spikeball is another popular lawn game that the campers get to play
Three children play in the pool - sitting in inflatable rings and playing with pool noodles
Campers get time each day to play in Loyola's pool or climb the rock wall
A group of campers smile for the camera while sitting and hanging on inflatable rings
Pool depth starts at 3' 6" and lifeguards are always on duty while campers are swimming
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