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MBA Chilean Study Tour


Wondering if the MBA Chilean Study Tour program is for you? Search by year to see what prior participants of Loyola University Maryland's Chilean Study Tour had to say about the program:


Chilean Study Tour 2015

Amy Lieu
I am very satisfied with Chilean Study tour. It was a wonderful once in a lifetime experience. I feel that I’ve learned so much about Chile and made some lifelong friends. I even raved about the trip when I called the graduate office to ask them a question about summer classes.

Chris Loughlin
Satisfied is an understatement. Blown away is more accurate. I am so glad  did it. I will keep this experience with me and look back on it fondly forever.

Mark Elloff The site visits are what set this apart with the alumni. It is an experience that you will never get anywhere else. I felt that I had plenty of time to both “do class work” and free time.

Mark Elloff
The site visits are what set this apart with the alumni. It is an experience that you will never get anywhere else. I felt that I had plenty of time to both “do class work” and free time.

Chilean Study Tour 2014

Brian Bender
Extremely satisfied: I want to sign-up to the second class and attend again next year. Is that allowed? I’m joking, but not really.

Caroline Cherubini
One of the best experiences of all my time at Loyola, one of the best classes taken at Loyola and the best of my MBA.

Stephanie Kandel
This ranks as one of the most memorable experiences of my life and is an absolute MBA program must.

Allison Murphy
The Chilean study tour was an amazing experience. The time in the classroom prior to the trip really prepared me to have an understanding of the country so I wasn’t in culture shock upon arrival – plus I learned a lot! The site visits were extremely educational, but my favorite part of the trip was having the opportunity to bond with my classmates. You spend many evenings for 2-3 years with these people, and never really get the chance to know them on a personal level. My advice to students who don’t have friends - going on the trip is to go anyway! After the first day, it was like we all were long term friends.

Megan Royer
This was by far my favorite course at Loyola, not only because of the quality of the instructors but also because we got to see how what we are learning is actually used by companies in their marketing strategies. It wasn’t just about reading another case study, like we have to do for so many courses in the MBA program. The instructors were also very open to our ideas and responsive to our suggestions.

Tiana Wynn
I have made new friends and can honestly see these being lasting relationships. We reminisce on trip, but we also hang out, work out together, and have formed study groups for other classes. I imagine these relationships are similar to those that would be formed in a full time program. And I am appreciative of that. Also, I absolutely love to travel. And never before have I studied the country I was traveling. This was inspiration for me to dig deeper for better understanding of the cultural and political development of other countries I plan to visit.

Chilean Study Tour 2013

Samantha Leib
“It was an AMAZING experience, definitely one I will never forget.  I have even already applied some of my learnings to my work, since many of the companies talked about research and how they get to key objectives.”

Joe Delenick
I was beyond satisfied with this trip. This class and trip exceeded all of my expectations. It added so much value to the Loyola MBA program. I only have 2 more classes before I graduate and this was by far the most rewarding and beneficial experience I had in the Loyola MBA program.

Tricia Wienecke
Best experience and class that I have taken in the program. Program is very interactive with classmates, instructors and site visit representatives allowing the opportunity to learn from one another.

Karen Nicolaus
I absolutely loved it and would highly recommend it to all of the MBA students. I truly feel that it enhanced my experience at Loyola in a way that no previous class has.

Sam Modico
This was one of the best trips I’ve ever taken. I think simply experiencing another culture is a valuable enough learning experience, however to have been able to sit with various companies and learn about international business on that level was invaluable.

Chris Morea
By far, the best experience – professionally and personally – I’ve had at Loyola and in the MBA program.

Jenna Dooley
I will never forget the trip because of the friends made, the experience and the knowledge learned from this.

Ashley Parker
My expectations were literally blown out of the water. This was an amazing experience. I am a very visual learner and for me to see Chile with my own eyes allowed me to truly grasp the concept of International Marketing firsthand. Not only did I learn a lot from a business perspective, but I learned so much about the Chilean culture and people and myself. I was able to soak up every single second I was in the country, not wasting a moment. My language skills improved and this trip has inspired me to continue to work on mastering Spanish even more so. I encourage everyone to participate on this trip and allow themselves to learn firsthand about international marketing, Chile and step outside of their own comfort zone- who knows, they might even like it!!”

Chilean Study Tour 2012

Abby Tavik
This was my favorite class I have taken at Loyola and it was the only class that made me feel like I was part of the Loyola community!

Brett Shephard
Great course! Great instructors! Amazing relationships formed with the group. Created a camaraderie between everyone involved and I would recommend this trip to every single person going through the MBA program. Everyone was from very different backgrounds and at different stages in life, but the structure of the trip allowed us to work together and use our strengths towards a common goal.

Lisa Polinsky
This was one of the highlights of my MBA program. It was the perfect way to end my MBA program and I would recommend it to anyone who was able to go.

Grady Mosay
I went to Loyola as an undergraduate as well and this is by far my best college experience. I could go on for a long time listing all the different amazing experiences I had on this trip... This was a life changing experience and something I will always remember.

Wenesso Tengande
This tour in Chile is the best and unique thing that has ever happened to me as a college kid in the USA. I went to school in other universities prior to Loyola, but I identify myself much with Loyola because of this Chile tour. I made lifetime friends, and I felt at the end of the tour that I was integrated to Loyola family. Please never stop to provide this experience to future Loyola students.

Lauren Krantz
It was very well organized. I liked the diversity of having two different courses and two different instructors. This brought a second dimension to the course – some things were done together, allowing us to interact with more people, and some things were done separate, allowing more in depth discussion. The people, relationships, and experiences of the study tour are really what make it.

Aubrey Wisler
What set the Chilean tour apart from any other study tour was the alumni they have in Chile. This was a very important aspect to this trip and the alumni were extremely welcoming and it’s so neat to share the Loyola connection with them. Another thing is the network you gain back in MD as well. Since the tour has been carried out for so many years, the alumni of the trip include several hundred people. I value the network I have gained from the MBA and to know that in years to come I can meet with hundreds of MBA grads who shared the same Chile experience is incredible. I look forward to it in the years to come and feel as though it will keep me close to Loyola after I graduate.

Chilean Study Tour 2011

Brian Kinnear
I was beyond satisfied. The Chilean Study tour is a once in a lifetime experience and [it] should be a graduation requirement to study abroad in such a beautiful location. I made more friends in this class than I did in the duration of my MBA Program (5 years). I would return to Chile in a heartbeat if given the opportunity. To be able to immerse myself in such a unique culture while realizing the similarities to our culture in the U.S. is something I will never forget. I still enjoy reading my Chilean Google alerts updates to keep an eye on the country and its happenings.

Candice Stockwell
The study tour is a great opportunity to combine learning and real business practices in a cultural environment that is unfamiliar to us. It’s also a great experience to meet peers from your program and make friends that you otherwise may not have. As an evening program, most people are just coming to class to learn and then go home so getting an opportunity to get to know others in depth is nice.

Melanie Askey
I really enjoyed how ‘hands on’ the learning was during the study tour. Additionally, I enjoyed getting to know my fellow classmates and the instructors during the study tour.

Meghan Bydlon
It was well planned and organized, allowing us to spend our time enjoying the site visits and free-time. Also, your great connections with past alumni and corporations were evident in the quality of the site visits and the presentations. THANK YOU!!

Philip Colvin
Yes, the course went far beyond my expectations. I feel that I learned more in the short amount of time in class than I do normally in a class that runs the entire semester. And then there was the time in Chile that was filled with learning and experiences that I know I would have never had if I was not part of this class. There is no way to learn what we did sitting in a classroom in Maryland, I am grateful to have had this experience.

Beth Hannon
Absolutely; this class has enhanced my experience at Loyola considerably. I learned so much both in our meetings in Columbia and throughout the entire trip in Chile. Additionally, I learned so much from my classmates and professors by getting to know them throughout our classes and travels. I am so glad I took the opportunity to participate in this trip- it has added so much to my MBA experience.

Steve Miller
Yes. I think I said this the second day of the trip – "I can’t understand why anyone in this program wouldn’t take advantage of this opportunity." Not having the chance to ever travel internationally, this was as good of a life experience as I could have asked for. I made some great new friends, learned a ton about a country I knew very little about, and the experiences at the site visits opened me up to an entirely different culture’s way of doing business. I commonly refer to some of my experiences at the different companies in my day to day work activities now.

Jen Rowley
I would go again in a heartbeat. Such a valuable experience that I am still talking about [it] to friends and colleagues.

Chilean Study Tour 2009

Christine Musson
The course was great, and it really helped that the instructors were so knowledgably about the area and where to go and what we should make sure to see. You never felt like the instructors treated the students like students – they treated us like colleagues and that really added to the whole experience.

Christopher Stock
I highly recommend all students look into a study tour. It was an amazing experience, which can only be had with a group of students and professors who have been there before. For those that have hiked before, the “hike to the glacier” in the Andes Mountains is worth every penny.

Brendan Burns
I was extremely satisfied with the trip. The site visits, the professors, the culture blew my expectations away. The professors really did a great job creating a valuable education and cultural experience for us.

Ryan Metzger
Before I went on the Study Tour, I spoke to many people that had gone on previous Chilean Study Tours and they all raved about how great it was. This caused me to have such high expectations going into it and it turned out that it was even better than I could have ever imagined. This is an experience I will never forget.

Chilean Study Tour 2008

Stacy Clark
I was 100% satisfied with all of the site visits, cultural immersion time, and class sessions. We had a great group and two wonderful professors that made the trip very informative, memorable, and fun. I really knew nothing about Chile prior to learning of the tour and began to research a little about the country. They are an amazing country with amazing people and are very warm and welcoming to Americans.

Alan Wojtalik
The absolute highlight of my entire MBA degree!

Bill Fuchs
Was one of the best experiences of my life. Highly recommended for future students.

Timothy Fitzgerald
I am very much glad that I participated. This was definitely the highlight of my MBA.

Danielle Creighton
This trip exceeded every expectation that I had. I’d heard wonderful things about this study tour from past participants but I never imagined that it would be as wonderful as it was. The site visits, hotels and restaurants were all excellent.

Kevin Ebert
The trip surpassed my expectations and I had high expectations going into the trip. This was the first time in the MBA program that I had a chance to make some meaningful contacts that will help me in my career. I found that aspect of the trip to be an added, unexpected bonus.

Brooks Miller
My #1 expectation of this trip was to learn the course material while studying it in a unique culture. I enjoyed the opportunity to observe how a foreign culture plays such an important role in making international marketing decisions. The study tour exceeded all of my expectations. I will take with me many everlasting memories from Chile. It truly was an experience I will never forget.

Daniel Kahn
I felt that this trip delivered more than advertised. Not only did I increase my educational knowledge but I felt that I grew personally as well. Since I rarely, if ever, travel internationally this trip allowed me to grow and experience the world outside of the US. Since I spoke some Spanish, it was really nice to actually use my Spanish and see how it felt to interact with a different society.

Kimberly Hart
I got so much out of this course; I think a study tour provides a completely different learning experience unlike that of a traditional classroom setting. I can honestly say that this was the single best experience that I’ve had at Loyola College. The instructors were very helpful and informative, and they helped to make the tour go smoothly.

Stas’ Kotula
The trip blew away my expectations. Great organization, instructors, site visits, & classmates.

Laird Creighton
This course and the trip far exceeded my expectations. I have always heard that it is a great experience but I really didn’t expect to learn as much as I did. I have come away from this course with a much stronger knowledge of international business and international ethics and CSR issues. The trip was also a much better networking opportunity than I expected. I now have a great group of new friends and contacts in the business world.

Juliet Felent
For those of us who prefer hands-on learning, this course was ideal. I found the readings to be perfectly paired with the site visits, and once I was actually at each business, seeing the company and hearing the presenters really solidified what I had read in class about them.

Benjamin Cohen
The major strength was introducing our class to a new culture that many of us would not have experienced otherwise. I learned from the students, the speakers, the professors, and the environment in Chile. The most important aspect of the educational experience, to me, was spending time in a new culture and with people that I did not know prior to the trip.

Carrie Hogue
The major strength of the tour for me was really learning about something. I think in most classes you learn a thin slice of a concept for a company. With this class, I really felt that I understood the big picture along with the small nuances of something (Chile). It is the most knowledgeable I have ever felt after taking a course. I think that is a product of not only the course being a sort of case study on one country, but also because of the hands-on experience you get with actually visiting the country and interacting with the people there. I think it is a great way to get students to take an active interest in something, and to have one thing (Chile) that you’re focusing on for an entire semester to really get a sense of application of what we are learning in the program is a great experience.

Jenelle Bennett
I can’t say enough what a well-rounded and deep learning experience this was for me. I could never have achieved the depth of understanding of the economic, political, and social environments in Chile without the immersion. I think the combination of the pre-trip classroom work with a trip experience including site visits and cultural immersion time should be am must for every MBA student.

Chilean Study Tour 2007

Patrick Gross
I was extremely satisfied with the tour. I am so glad I decided to do it. It was an experience I will remember for the rest of my life. The camaraderie between the group and the friendships forged were an unexpected byproduct.

Jenny Radech
I feel like I got a little bit of everything out of the tour – learned about international marketing, had time to take I the culture and have fun, and got to know my classmates.

Katie Cole
It was a privilege to be on this tour.

Danielle Breschi
The major strength of the course was hearing the Marketers in person and asking them questions. We are used to reading cases. This was an interactive real world learning experience.

Amanda Taylor
The major strength of this course is actually getting to experience first hand what we’d been learning about. Another thing for me was getting to know everyone on the trip. That alone is a learning experience in itself... and an invaluable one at that.

Chris Collins
You cannot receive this kind of educational experience in the classroom. Lessons learned interacting with alumni and at the site visits are something I will remember for the rest of my life.

Lindsey Thomas
The study tour met and exceeded my expectations. Not only did I have a great time, I was able to see Chile and learn more about the culture. The trip was literally a life changing experience for me. What more satisfaction can you get!

Chilean Study Tour 2006

Dan Flaherty
The professors did an excellent job in setting this up and organizing the students while we were in Chile. The site visits were excellent and the people who helped us in Chile (ex-Alumni) were awesome. This was the 4th study abroad I completed and by far the BEST!

Karen Sterling
This was the best experience of my Loyola career (and I have completed all but one course) both in terms of learning through first-hand experience and networking with fellow students. I would recommend it to anyone who truly wants to get more out of the program.

Denise Von Rinteln
This was a wonderful learning experience in total not just from a business perspective but cultural too. I learned a tremendous amount about the country of Chile.

Stephanie Gnau
The Study Tour was incredible. Having the opportunity to experience a different country, in regards to its culture and its business conduct, was a learning experience that I may never get again in my career. Additionally, getting a chance to bond with your graduate school peers was something that would have never happened (on this type of level) without the trip facilitating proximity and constant interaction.

Kate Manning
Very good background classes and articles to provide framework for what to think about with Chilean history and culture. Instructors were great complements to each other and helped make the class enjoyable.

Colleen McClellan
Interacting with the alumni was most beneficial in making this trip amazing! I felt I got a ton more out of it because of them and their help, tips and recommendations. Prior research also made my life there much easier and more fulfilling.

Trista PlunkettThe major strength was the preparation, company visits and layout of the course. Nan and Gerard did a great job of planning and picking out the companies to visit, the students did a good job of researching the companies and environments and presenting the material to the class. And the layout of the course was perfect. I liked how we learned the different environments of Chile and then covered the companies/industries.

Chilean Study Tour 2005

Shelley Bliss
I would recommend this course to every student. It was an amazing way to learn about a country and its respective industries. Additionally, Nan and Gerard were great teachers and leaders. They were always aware of their students’ needs and they did a great job organizing the Chilean Trip. It was wonderful.

Sholeh Lee
This course was an experience I will remember forever. It really made me learn outside of the typical classroom dimension which is priceless.

Brian Ramanauskas
This trip far exceeded anything I could have anticipated in terms of the planning, quality of site visits, educational experience, vacation experience, and how well everyone seemingly got along.

Melissa Chalmers
I’d recommend it in a heartbeat. I fell very grateful to have had the experience.

Todd Sanft
This is the only class in which I really got to meet a lot of colleagues in my MBA program and even experience an international culture in the process.

Wycliff Okoth
I was very satisfied with the trip, the way it was organized, the tours and the way the professors went all out with no sparing any expenses with the accommodations and with the daily expenses. The tours were well organized, the timing was immaculate and the professors were very patient and accommodating of all and our various individual needs.

Susan Connelly
It is evident how much thought and planning went into this trip. At all times I felt in a controlled, comfortable and safe environment.

Michael Amir Bakhtair
One of the best overseas trips I’ve been on.

John Bucher
I am so happy I was able to go. It is something I will remember the rest of my life.

Cheryl Jenner
I just keep thinking how lucky I was to get in. This course should be offered again & again for years to come!