Loyola University Maryland

No Impact Week

How It Works

Individual Challenge

Students register with the No Impact Project to participate in the personal No Impact Week challenge. Students tell their friends and classmates about the challenges and new opportunities to learn more about the environment.

As a result, students experience a powerful and transformative No Impact experience and make long term changes in their own lifestyles. They are able to identify the structural obstacles in their community and society that are preventing them from living sustainable lives and are inspired to bring about structural change through civic engagement.

University/Community Wide Change

The No Impact Week planning committee partners with student groups, faculty, staff, and academic departments to host No Impact Week events, workshops, and discussions. It also works to integrate the challenge into lesson plans.

As a result, even students who were not initially interested in lowering their personal carbon footprint are impacted by the conversations of their friends, campus events and workshops, academic integration, and the long-term campus changes that come about after No Impact Weeks. A campus-wide discussion is generated around sustainability and a community of like-minded people on campus is formed, committed to bringing sustainable change to their campus, community, and beyond. Groups like these have brought about incredible changes in their communities, such as starting a permanent farmer’s market on campus, weekly vegetarian days in the campus cafeteria, campus recycling programs, bike share programs, and more!

Contact noimpact@loyola.edu to get involved!