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Multicultural Awareness Program (MAP)


The Multicultural Awareness Program (MAP) is designed to assist first-year ALANA (African, Latinx, Asian, and Native American) students in acclimating to campus life at Loyola. Specific objectives of the program include academic enhancement, intercultural exploration, social adjustment, & service to others. MAP participants will have the opportunity to meet other students, faculty members, & administrators!

Upperclassmen welcome new students & share their wisdom about college life. A host of faculty and administrators share their expertise on how to best succeed at Loyola. Finally, students will have the opportunity to explore Baltimore, participate in team-building activities, build relationships and learn first-hand about the resources of the University. MAP participants will also have the option of signing up for an AMP (ALANA Mentoring Program) Mentor! MAP is a fun, stimulating way to begin the college experience at Loyola! 

Although COVID-19 has caused the program to shift, the objective of the program still stands with meeting upperclassmen, faculty and administrators, and the opportunity for first years to build community with each other and feel ready for Fall Welcome Weekend and the beginning of their Loyola experience!

Register for MAP

Registration is now closed. Please use the contact information below if you have questions.


Any questions about the Multicultural Awareness Program: Please contact Julie Rivera, Assistant Director of ALANA Services at jcrivera@loyola.edu or 410-617-2134.

Questions about ALANA Services: Please email us at alana@loyola.edu or call at 410-617-2310. 

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