Loyola University Maryland


Parent/Family Orientation and Resources

Below you will find some of the presentations from Summer Orientation 2019. Please use these tools as a resource for you and your student. For additional information on these presentations, please contact the office of student engagement (orientation@loyola.edu). 

Student Session: Living @ Loyola

Learn about life outside of the classroom and in the residence halls from the staff and students who live there. Topics include housing selection, living with roommates, roommate agreements, and what it means to live in community.

Start Your Greyhound Experience on the Right Food: Messina and Pre-Fall Programs

This session will introduce you to two of Loyola's first-year programs. Learn about the structure and goals of Messina and what to expect in the Fall. Also, learn about each of the six Pre-Fall Programs - one to five day themed experiences filled with community building and fun the week preceding Fall Welcome Weekend.

Managing the Roller Coaster Ride of Your Student's First Year

Changes in the first semester of college can feel like an emotional roller coaster ride for students and parents. This session will explore the developmental changes first-year students encounter, with an emphasis on today’s cultural influences, and discuss ways parents and University administrators can work together to help students manage the ride.  

Interest Session: Housing and Campus Services

This presentation will first introduce Loyola’s campus services including dining venues and meal plan offerings in addition to the bookstore and opportunities to save money on book requirements. Next, it will address the housing assignment process, what to bring during move-in, dealing with roommates, and efforts to build a sense of community on campus. This presentations will be followed by a chance for parents to ask questions about each aspect of campus living.

Interest Session: Helping Your Student Connect College to Career

While your student is just getting started at Loyola, the first year provides opportunities for career exploration that will pay off at graduation and beyond. Career Center leaders will provide an overview of Loyola's unique approach to career development, insights on a variety of popular career paths among recent alumni, and tips on how you can best assist your student throughout the college experience.

Interest Session: Academic Resources and Keys to Success

Many first-year students don’t realize how challenging college academics can be. Administrators from the Study, Loyola’s academic support center, and student leaders will share tips on how students can be successful at Loyola by utilizing the abundant academic support resources on campus.

Interest Session: Study Abroad

Over 60% of Loyola's juniors study abroad. There are 30 Loyola Programs Exchanges, Affiliations in Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa, and Australia. Students who wish to study abroad should begin planning during their first year. This sessions will cover requirements and expectations for the study abroad program.

Interest Session: Keys to Health and Wellness at Loyola

What happens when your student gets sick or struggles with concerns like homesickness or anxiety? Loyola's heath professionals from Student Health Services and the Counseling Center will explain the treatment processes for a whole range of concerns. From the common cold to serious injuries. From the daily stresses that first-year students are likely to encounter to the need for ongoing treatment for diagnosed depression, disordered eating, or other mental health issues, your student will be connected with the proper care.

Financial Aid & Billing  

Staff from the Office of Financial Aid offer an overview of the application process, student and parent responsibilities, and next steps. Also, learn about the various services offered by Student Administrative Services in addition to how to pay tuition and mange your student's accounts.