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Hello Greyhound Parents and Families,

The spring semester is well underway, and we hope you and your students are enjoying a happy and healthy new year. We are excited to introduce Stephanie Regenold, M.D., MPH, the new director of Loyola’s Student Health and Education Services. Dr. Regenold brings a wealth of knowledge to this new role and has a number of strong connections to the Baltimore health community.

Health is on everyone’s minds as we continue this concerning flu season. The Health Center has an update on the current flu season along with an in-depth handout about the flu and ways to prevent its spread. Please help remind your students of the importance of washing their hands as a primary prevention measure. The flu shot is also still available at the Health Center.

We also want to highlight some of the developmental transitions and resources of each class year, including sharing information about the Class Deans. Your student’s Messina/Major Advisor and the Class Deans are excellent academic resources and great points of contact if your student is looking for additional academic opportunities or support.

Student Life is overseeing the annual room selection process. If students are having trouble finding a roommate group or have specific questions about the process, they should reach out to a Student Life staff member for additional support.

Finally, the spring semester is filled with a number of Loyola traditions, including Relay for Life, the Black Student Association Fashion Show, Academic Excellence Weekend, and Loyolapalooza. There are also Late Night programs offered every weekend and residence hall events each week. It’s never too late for your student to get involved and participate in a campus event.


The Division for Student Development