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Information for Parents of Seniors at Loyola

Even though seniors are starting their last semester at Loyola, there are a number of resources and opportunities for them to engage in with the Loyola community. Student Engagement has compiled a Senior Bucket List to encourage seniors to make the most of their last few months on campus. It’s never too late to visit the Career Center, participate in a Loyola retreat, explore Baltimore, attend a Loyola athletic event, and connect with a favorite professor. The spring semester is also a great time for seniors to start taking items home in preparation for move-out, which occurs after Commencement

Information for First-year Students at Loyola

Although their first semester at Loyola is over, some first-year students may be interested in getting more involved and connecting with the Loyola community. The Student Activities Fair on Tuesday, Feb. 5, from noon–2 p.m., in McGuire Hall, is a great opportunity for first-year students to learn more about activities on campus. A number of offices in student development, such as student activities and recreational sports will be recruiting students for leadership positions for the fall 2019 semester. Your student can also reach out to their Messina mentor to learn more about ways to get connected and continue to help Loyola become their home away from home. 

The Counseling Center: Coping with Illness

The Counseling Center is promoting education and awareness of students struggling with chronic illness or with the illness of a loved one. 

If your student was coping with a medical condition prior to Loyola, now they’re learning to cope without the ready support of family, friends, and familiar medical providers.

A student’s medical condition can impact the relationships they make while away at college. Even with a non-life-threatening condition, your student might have to decide how much to tell new friends and miss out on certain opportunities due to their illness.
Similarly, worrying about a loved one who is ill can be challenging for your student. They may often face difficult decisions, including feeling pressured to call home or visit, or not to call home or visit. Your student may start to feel overwhelmed with classwork and have a difficult time asking for help.

These situations can lead to many emotions, including loneliness, jealousy, irritability, resentment, and sadness. Signs your student may be struggling include feeling fatigued and having difficulty sleeping, eating, or concentrating.

Loyola has developed a network to support these students. At the Counseling Center, we can meet with your student for consultation or individual counseling and provide guidance in accessing other Loyola resources—from special accommodations for visits home, to additional academic supports, and more.

Resources include: The Counseling Center (HU 150, 410-617-2273), Class Deans (MH 145, 410-617-2849), Disability Support Services (Newman Towers, West 107, 410-617-2750) and Campus Ministry (Cohn Hall, 410-617-2768).  The staff in these offices can connect students to the most appropriate resources, depending on the nature of their concerns. 

If you have a student who is struggling, the following suggestions might be useful:

Talk openly with them about their situation and about their feelings. Don't try to offer false cheer or minimize the difficulties.

Be available. Call, text, visit, and share a meal or activity. Your presence and companionship are very important.

Listen and be patient. Listening is an often-overlooked gift of yourself. Allow them to vent their feelings. Don't judge them. Don't feel you need to offer advice. Listening itself is very powerful.

You can also check out our website for more information: www.loyola.edu/counselingcenter.

The Career Center

As your student prepares for their career, the Career Center has a few events to ready them for the real world. 

Welcome Back Starbucks Social, Tuesday, Jan. 29: This is one of the easiest ways for students, who are new to the Career Center, to meet the team and learn about how to navigate their future career path. 

Practice Interview Program, Tuesday, Feb. 5, and Friday, Feb. 8: Students have an opportunity to hone their interview skills with alumni visiting from companies including PwC, The Department of Health and Human Services, Kennedy Krieger, Stanley Black & Decker, and more! 

Path to Multimedia Storytelling, Tuesday, Feb. 12: Students and alumni can join us for a night featuring a panel discussion and networking focused on the future of journalism careers. Panelists will represent a variety of multimedia professionals, including on-air talent, representing outlets including NBC, CBS, The Today Show, MSNBC, and more! 

What’s new with the Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship at Loyola?

Last semester, the Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (CI&E) hosted a community launch week on the Evergreen campus from Nov. 12-16, 2018. The Launch Week featured pop-up interactive innovation exercises, discussions, speakers, activities, and other events to engage the Loyola and Baltimore communities with the new Center. 

In addition, a new Makerspace named the Innovation Station at the Loyola/Notre Dame Library, gives students the opportunity to make use of various technologies and resources to create, grow, explore, and invent new initiatives and projects. They have access to explore virtual reality landscapes, record podcasts and videos, and bring original designs to life with a host of tools and technology.

Graduate School at Loyola

Is your student considering Graduate School at Loyola? Encourage them to apply fast-track!

Loyola offers several graduate programs that can be completed in just one year—or less—after graduation. Seniors are invited to apply for fast-track admission in in early spring each year. Please review details about each program at the links below.

- Emerging Leaders MBA (ELMBA) – Apply by Feb. 1
- Master of Accounting (MACC) – Apply by March 1 
- Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) – Apply by April 1 
- M.A. in Emerging Media – Apply by May 1