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Racial Justice Training

Training Schedule

Upcoming Workshops

To register for an open session, please click on the registration link listed under the group column.  Please note, some of the groups are either specifically for peoples of color, white people or open to all.  Individuals are encouraged to register for the session they feel will work best for them. To learn more about the rationale for offering workshops, please see below.

Date  Day Time Location Group
05/01/2018  Tues 9 AM- 1 PM TBD Biology Faculty
05/14/2018 Mon  9 AM-1 PM College Center 113 Theology Faculty

Next Steps

The following workshops are next steps for faculty, administrators and staff who have attended the initial 4 hour racial justice workshop.  The workshops below are being offered based on requests from departments/areas as well as suggestions from participants in the initial racial justice workshops for greater awareness, skill development and enhancement of best practices.  

Date  Day Time Location Group
05/22/2018 Tues 10 AM- 11:30 AM  TBD Public Safety Implicit Bias
05/23/2018 Wed 10 AM- 11:30 AM  TBD Public Safety Profiling
05/30/2018 Wed 10 AM- 11:30 AM  TBD Public Safety Implicit Bias
05/31/2018 Thur 10 AM- 11:30 AM  TBD Public Safety Profiling


TITLE:  "Brain, Behavior, and Racial Bias." 

DESCRIPTION: A workshop exploring how implicit bias, microaggressions, and stereotype threat relate to Loyola's commitment to racial equity and institutional transformation.


TITLE: I Identify Racially As…??  Navigating Our Ethnic, National & Religious Identities When Working Towards Racial Equity

DESCRIPTION: This workshop will explore how our personal identities (related to cultural heritage, immigration, generation, etc.) intersect with our U.S. historically-defined racial identities, particularly in Baltimore society. All are welcome for this workshop, specifically members of the Loyola community who were raised in regions outside the U.S.


TITLE: So You Think You See Racism: What Next? 

DESCRIPTION: This workshop will help participants unpack root causes of racial inequity and begin to understand what is required to dismantle causative factors, repair damage and mitigate negative impacts.

Workshop Update

To the Loyola Community from Baltimore Racial Justice Action (BRJA): Changes in Scheduling Racial Equity Workshops

We’ve had the pleasure of meeting many of you during the year as BRJA has been working with the university.  It has been wonderful to see the level of interest and participation in Loyola’s racial equity initiative.

Most of our workshops to date have been designed to bring together colleagues within their particular departments or offices.  However, we have found that this way of holding the workshops is not always the most convenient. To better meet the needs of the institution, we are changing our approach to scheduling racial equity workshops beginning in December.  We will post a schedule of workshops designed for different constituencies in the university according to the groupings listed below. 

Please note, some of the groups are either specifically for peoples of color, specifically for white people or open to all.  Individuals are encouraged to register for the session they feel will work best for them.  After decades of doing racial justice advocacy and training, we have found that sometimes separate spaces can be extremely important for participants to feel they can be honest and/or gain deeper understanding and knowledge.  We also know that when this practice is new to people it might be viewed as divisive or “practicing segregation.”  In our experience, however, many participants often walk away from such spaces with increased confidence and a more positive feeling about engaging in conversations about race with people of varying racial backgrounds.  This can be especially true in an organization where peoples of color are in the numeric minority and often find themselves the only (or nearly only) person of color in the room.  Bottom line, we believe it makes sense for people to have a choice among available options.  We make no judgments or assumptions about the choices individuals make, and our expectation is that all of you will feel the same. 

Departments/Offices that have already scheduled workshops are also included in the list above. If you wish to join one of those, we will contact the Chair/Director of the group to obtain their consent. Departments/Offices already in the scheduling pipeline and those who have a strong preference to hold  their own workshop may continue to work with Dianne Lyday at dlydaybmore@comcast.net

Workshops must have a minimum of 15 participants registered 2 weeks prior to the workshop date. Workshops with less than 15 may have to be cancelled. Registrants will be notified using the contact information in the registration form.  

Workshops Conducted



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Reflection is deeply valued within Jesuit Higher Education and our pedagogy.  Loyola invites individuals, offices and departments to consider the following questions as they begin Racial Justice Training.

  1. Projecting out 5 years from now imagine that our campus has successfully engaged in racial justice training, what would our campus look like (student body, faculty, administrators, staff)?  What would be happening that is different (e.g., hiring practices, performance evaluations, relationships with surrounding communities)? Was it because of racial justice training alone?
  2. What specific outcomes do you hope for as a result of racial justice training on our campus? How would you measure success? If you have already started to engage in racial justice training on campus have you started to see some of these outcomes? Why or why not?
  3. What specific goals do you have for racial justice training on our campus?
  4. What barriers do you anticipate facing (or have you faced)?
  5. What are the best position(s), office(s), department(s), area(s) to lead racial justice training? Who are the current stakeholders?