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Special Summer Programs

Loyola’s Baltimore Health Immersion Program is offered only during the summer months. This program is designed to develop content-specific knowledge, provide hands-on experience with local Baltimore agencies, and cultivate skills that students can later translate into working experiences and careers beyond the university.


Baltimore Health Immersion (BHIP)

Baltimore Health Immersion is a five-week intensive summer program designed to cultivate capacities and skills integral to students’ development as culturally competent health professionals in the twenty-first century. Students completing the program earn 6 credits.

Integrated coursework, internship in a multicultural and socially diverse urban health care setting, and co-curricular activities challenge students to learn, lead, and serve in our diverse and changing world.

Students complete the program with foundational skills to analyze and understand how health behaviors are influenced by psychology, socioeconomics, familial factors, religious communities, and the neighborhoods in which individuals reside. The immersion program builds healthcare competency at a time in which awareness of psychological and social foundations of health are seen as integral to all health professions.

For more information, please visit the Baltimore Health Immersion page.