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Loyola to offer forensic studies major

| By Stephanie Weaver

Loyola University Maryland will offer a forensic studies major starting the fall of 2018. The program encompasses a wide array of academic disciplines and prepares students to be knowledgeable in a growing field.

The major in forensic studies is an interdisciplinary program with involvement from 17 departments, including accounting, biology, chemistry, computer science, history, philosophy, psychology, and sociology. Courses include forensic entomology, security ethics, and business intelligence and data mining.

“The forensic studies major is an exciting opportunity for students to be engaged in a distinctive interdisciplinary curriculum that prepares graduates for a diverse range of career opportunities tailored to student interests,” said David Rivers, Ph.D., director of forensic studies and professor of biology. “Loyola students have opportunities to interact with local, state and federal agencies that excel in education, training and research in all aspects of forensic analyses and criminal investigations, creating a truly unique learning experience.”

During junior or senior year, students will enroll in the forensic studies experience, a specialized course of study emphasizing research, independent study, or internship focused on forensic studies/science.

Loyola students are poised for competitive internships and job placement in one of the top regions in the country for forensics work. In fact, the Baltimore-Washington, D.C., metro area is among the fastest-growing hubs for biotechnology and biohealth, forensic psychology and counseling, criminal investigation and justice, and counter-terrorism.

The University has forensic studies minor. For more information, go to https://www.loyola.edu/academics/forensic-studies.

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