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Loyola Clinical Centers starts leasing private practice facilities to faculty

| By Molly Robey

Loyola University Maryland clinical faculty can now use state-of-the-art clinical facilities at both Belvedere Square and Columbia for their independent private practices.

Through an innovative Faculty Practice Plan program, Loyola clinical faculty can rent private practice space and procure support services at the Loyola Clinical Centers (LCC).

Renting private practice space to faculty is a great opportunity to utilize our current facilities and technology for faculty in audiology, literacy, psychology, and speech-language pathology, according to Rebecca Zukowski, Ph.D., the LCC’s executive director.

“It can be challenging for faculty to teach clinically and carry their own practices,” said Zukowski. “We realized we could offer them the opportunity to do both things separately but under the same roof.”

Joseph Bechhofer, Psy.D., a clinical assistant professor who has signed on to the Faculty Practice Plan at the LCC, has seen many benefits from having a private practice and teaching at one location.

“It’s very convenient to be able to teach, supervise, and see my own clients at one location. My students can watch videos and learn from my work and my cases. The percentage that I pay to the clinic to participate in the Faculty Practice Plan is much cheaper compared to other group practices in the community,” said Bechhofer.

Bechhofer’s students have also benefitted from learning in a private practice environment.

“My teaching assistant works in my private practice at the clinic, and it significantly helps her gain more exposure to my work, clinical skills, and style of interacting with clients,” said Bechhofer.

In addition to allowing licensed faculty to open practices to serve the Baltimore community, the LCC program provides hands-on experience for graduate students and services to community members available on a sliding scale. Last year the LCC program treated 3,000 clients, amounting to more than 14,000 visits.

For more information about the LCC programs, visit the website here. 

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