Micro-credential 1: Choosing & Using Tech Tools for Higher Level Learning

Course Details:

This Micro-credential is geared towards both the teacher who is a beginner technology user as well as the tech-savvy teacher. In this Micro-credential, you will learn about multiple technology tools, the 4Cs, SAMR, higher level learning, and you will receive multiple opportunities to integrate tech tools in your classroom and reflect on how the integration went. This Micro-credential will support learner-to-learner interactions to build a supportive group for reflecting and gaining advice in a safe space. In this Micro-credential, you will also get the support and opportunity to grow your Professional Learning Network (PLN) beyond your current network, connecting with educators from other schools inside and outside of your local community.


Discover different technology tools and their use in the classroom to support higher level learning. There are many technology tools available for the Four Cs (Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration, and Creativity), but choosing and using the most effective tool to redefine your classroom and engage students in higher level learning can be challenging. Utilizing the well-known SAMR model, this micro-credential provides you with the skills to critique, analyze, connect, and apply technology tools to your classroom focusing on higher level learning.


Spring 2019 Session: Available through March 15

Micro-credentials are fully online and asynchronous, so there are no meetings/classes you must attend.


Price: $150

Micro-credentials must be paid in full at the time of registration.

Withdrawal/Refund Policy:

  • Refunds and withdrawal requests must be submitted in writing to iabal@loyola.edu.
  • Due to the instant availability of the content upon registration, current requests are ineligible for refund.


Registration for the Spring 2019 Session is available until February 25, 2019

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