Micro-credentials for Professional Learning FAQs

What does self-paced, asynchronous mean?

You will be able to complete the work at your own pace, in your own time. There are no required meetings, face-to-face or online.

What does facilitated mean?

An educator, who is an expert in the topic, will be providing feedback and guiding you as you work through the modules in the micro-credentials. The role of the facilitator is to work along-side you and offer help as needed.

Why are there start and end dates?

Our expert facilitators are only available for a limited time though you will have access to the platform and content beyond the start and end dates.

How much time will a micro-credential take?

Each micro-credential requires approximately 15 hours of self-paced work.

Can the micro-credentials be completed by someone who is not currently in a classroom or teaching?

The micro-credentials were designed for educators, but you don't have to have your own classroom to successfully complete any of them. Each micro-credential is competency-based, which means you create a project to be integrated into your professional learning environment. This can include classrooms, but also includes the working environments of educators in non-classroom roles, such as school and district-level administrators, academic deans, para-educators, etc. It is up to you to determine at what level and how you want to integrate the tools and then build content around your vision.

How tech-savvy do I need to be?

Although various technology tools are utilized throughout our micro-credentials, we carefully chose tools for ease of use for our participants and for integration into K-12 learning environments. We support any technology needs that arise through the micro-credential and provide support documents and videos on how to use the tools. Our facilitators are also available to work with you on an individual basis depending on your needs with any of the tools within the micro-credential.

Are there any hidden fees?

The registration cost of $150 is the only fee you will have to pay for the micro-credential. All of the content and materials you need are located in Loyola's continuing education platform and are included in the registration cost. Any technology tools you need to use as part of the micro-credential are free.

How do I get recertification credit?

Each micro-credential has been approved by MSDE for one Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Credit. At the successful completion of the micro-credentials, each participant will receive a Continuing Education Certificate awarded by Loyola University Maryland and an MSDE Continuing Professional Development Completion for Credit Form for recertification if they are in Maryland or Maryland certified.

What does 'successful completion' mean?

Our facilitators will review all work and assignments you submit, ensuring that achieving a micro-credential certificate represents a meaningful early step on the path to accomplished teaching. We use a Met/Not Met system. If you create something that is considered 'Not Met,' you will receive feedback on what changes you need to implement to move your product to 'Met.' You will then have time to make revisions and resubmit your product to the facilitator for further review.