Micro-credential 3: Designing Your Curriculum for Personalized Learning

Course Details:

This Micro-credential is geared towards the the teacher who wants to include more student agency in their classroom. In this Micro-credential, you will learn about designing your instruction to include personalized learning elements and will explore various technology tools to support your content and learning. This Micro-credential will support learner-to-learner interactions to build a supportive group for reflecting and gaining advise in a safe space. In this Micro-credential, you will also get the support and opportunity to grow your Professional Learning Network (PLN) beyond your current network, connecting with educators from other schools inside and outside of your community.


Designing personalized learning goes beyond selecting technology tools, incorporating student-centered, real-world applications, and implementing the Four Cs (critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity). Personalized learning includes many aspects of adapting the instructional environment such as what, when, where, and how students learn and designing your curriculum, as well as choosing technology, to fit those needs. In this micro-credential, you will develop the foundation and skills to apply instructional design models and select appropriate technology as you create personalized learning units that span your curriculum. 

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