Micro-credential 2: Project Based Learning

Course Details:

This Micro-credential is geared towards the educator who wants to integrate project-based learning in their classroom. In this Micro-credential, you will learn about the 4 Cs, deeper learning, and design a project-based learning experience for your classroom. This Micro-credential will support learner-to-learner interactions to build a supportive group of educators from various communities to gain advice and ideas as you build your project-based learning experience. All levels of tech savviness are invited in the Micro-credential, from the beginner to the innovator in technology integration. 


Gain the knowledge, theory, and foundational skills needed to design, create, and apply project-based learning experiences in your classroom. Project-based learning involves more than just a creation assignment at the end of a unit. Incorporating student-centered learning and real-world application of the content through critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity will lead to deeper learning and higher student engagement. In this micro-credential, you will develop an authentic project-based learning experience for your classroom.

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