Stacked Micro-credential Offerings

Male teacher working with studentsStacked micro-credentials are mini professional learning opportunities that build upon one another. They are designed to be self-paced and each one can be completed in approximately 5 hours. Each stacked micro-credential course is an online, asynchronous, stand-alone opportunity for learning and growth that lead to the integration of a particular topic in your professional learning environment. They may be taken in any order, but the progression of course 1 to course 6 is recommended.

Current Stacked Micro-credentials

MC6: MakerSpaces

Build, design, or refresh your makerspace through this stacked micro-credential. In each course you will consider your current space, the needs of your school, and other factors that are involved in building, designing, or refreshing makerspace opportunities in your professional learning environment. There are 6 stacked courses. Each course is the equivalent of 5 hours of work. Each course is .5 CEUs.

MC6.1: Makerspace Basics

Begin the transformation of your space into a space for making with Makerspace Basics. In this course you will come to understand what defines a makerspace, learn how to incorporate student voice, evaluate your learning space through a maker mindset, and identify your next steps in developing your makerspace.

MC6.2: Makerspace Design

Continue the transformation of your space into a space for making with Makerspace Design. In this course, you will come to understand the different design principles in a space for making, determine the best design principles for your space, create opportunities for student voice, and identify your next steps in designing your makerspace.

MC6.3: Design Thinking

Begin the transformation of your teaching and learning practices with Design Thinking. In this course, you will come to understand the core principles of the design thinking process, how empathy is utilized within design thinking, analyze your current practices through design thinking, and identify your next steps in developing the teaching and learning practices in your makerspace.

MC6.4: Assessing Makerspaces

Coming Soon!

MC6.5: Funding Makerspaces

Coming Soon!

MC6.6: Inclusive Makerspaces

Coming Soon!


The Makerspace Stacked Micro-credentials do not have start or end dates. Each course takes about 5 hours and once registered, you have access to the content. Upon completion of the activities, you will receive a certificate for that course.

Stacked Micro-credentials are fully online and asynchronous, so there are no meetings/classes you must attend.

Cost is $50 for each course. Stacked Micro-credential courses must be paid in full at the time of registration.

You can register anytime. This course is open enrollment!

Register for Micro-credentials for Professional Learning

Withdrawal/Refund Policy

Due to the automatic enrollment in the Stacked Micro-credentials courses, there are no refunds.

Benefits of Stacked Micro-credentials

  • Each stacked course is open enrollment, so there are no start or end dates. This means you can start and complete your learning on your time. 
  • Each stacked course is a separate learning opportunity, so you can choose which topics are most relevant for your professional learning environment and learn what you need.
  • Receive a Continuing Education Certificate (CEU) recognized by Loyola University Maryland for .5 CEUs after completing the work at a proficient level. (Please note: CEU’s are evidence of Professional Study approved by Loyola University Maryland and are not equivalent to graduate or undergraduate credit. Individual jurisdictions and organizations have different regulations for accepting CEU credit. Please contact your jurisdiction or organization for further information on the acceptance and use of CEU credit.)