Micro-credential 4: Leading Technology Professional Development

Course Details:

This Micro-credential is for both the classroom teacher and school leader who is interested in creating and facilitating professional development focused on technology. In this Micro-credential, you will learn about different staff development models you can use to design and deliver professional development. This Micro-credential will support learner-to-learner interactions to build a supportive group for reflecting and gaining advise in a safe space. In this Micro-credential, you will also get the support and opportunity to grow your Professional Learning Network (PLN) beyond your current network, connecting with educators from other schools inside and outside of your community.


Develop the knowledge and skills to create and lead technology professional development to support improved student learning. Engaging adult learners in a technology professional development session goes beyond the basic skills of knowing the tech tool and creating a presentation. Theoretical and practical approaches to leadership and adult learning theory as well as online and face-to-face staff development techniques will be the focus in this micro-credential as you create a technology-related professional development learning opportunity.

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