M.Ed. in Educational Technology

M.Ed. in Educational Technology

Loyola's fully online Educational Technology graduate program is designed to help today’s teachers become educational technology leaders. We focus on ethical uses of technology for learning, social justice, and instructional design. The program is appropriate for teachers who wish to expand their use of technology in their own classroom, as well as those wishing to become technology leaders on the school, district, and national levels.

Program Overview

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  • Illustration of a stack of books Credits: 36
  • Illustration of a calendar Class Duration: 8 weeks
  • Illustration of a computer with charts and graphs on the screen Delivery: 100% Online
  • Illustration of an analog clock Format: Part-time
  • Illustration of a classical building with columns Next Admission Term: Spring 2024
  • Illustration of a graduation cap Time of Completion: 2-5 years

Loyola University Maryland's Educational Technology Program is at the forefront of modern pedagogy by merging technology and inclusivity. It transforms educators into versatile leaders skilled in navigating the convergence of tech tools, student diversity, and social justice. Based on student-centered learning and a universal design approach, participants learn through various mediums, including podcasts, case studies, videos, and interactive textbooks catering to individual preferences. Participants gain a holistic understanding of instructional technology by learning how to use practical web-based tools like Nearpod and Flip, video editing software to create interactive videos, and how to implement established learning theories. The program also provides opportunities for participants to explore the biases of technology, empowering them to forge inclusive, impactful, technology-enriched learning spaces. The program ends with an individualized internship where graduate students apply their knowledge to help improve their own school or district.

Our unique M.Ed. program is nationally recognized by the International Society for Technology in Education.

Online Format

Female student working at laptopOur 36-credit M.Ed. in Educational Technology program is offered fully online. The fully online format combines self-paced learning with live class meetings using our video-based web platform.

Our online program is well suited for currently practicing teachers or educational professionals interested in enhancing their instructional, technical, or pedagogical skills. The program allows our students to receive the highest caliber education without leaving their families, jobs, and communities.

Completion Time

The educational technology program may be taken part-time (to be completed in 2-5 years), which offers a self-paced opportunity to complete requirements over a longer period of time with courses delivered at times of the day that are convenient to full-time work schedules. Most students complete the program as part of a cohort in two years plus one semester.

Program Advantages

  • Engaging online courses that enable you to plan your coursework around your life.
  • Internship completed in your own school or professional setting.
  • All courses focused on the advantages and disadvantages of technology, and how to address both in the classroom.
  • Small classes (typically 12-18 students) and cohort-based approach.
  • Faculty who are experts in the fields of educational technology, leadership, social justice, and instructional design.
  • Active professional networking throughout the program and beyond.
  • Experiencing a digital classroom from a learner’s perspective as well as an educator’s.
  • Learn with a diverse range of teachers from public and private schools in a variety of specialty areas.

5 Things You'll Learn in Loyola's Ed Tech Program

Icon of monitor on desk Why and how to integrate new technologies and tools
Icon of head How to upgrade and improve the learner-centeredness of your classroom
Icon of raised hands How to use technology to engage your students in unique, innovative, and equitable ways
Head icons in connecting bubbles How to network and connect with teachers and educators nationally and globally
Certificate icon How to improve your teaching practices and lead others to do the same
Hear from Greyhounds
The program helped sharpen my skills in my understanding and application of instructional technology which I use daily in an ever-increasing digital society. More importantly, I was challenged to be thoughtful and innovative in my use of technology, not for technology's sake, but for the bright young minds we have the privilege to serve each day.
Steve Bradbury, M.Ed., ‘19
Every course taught me things I could incorporate into my existing classroom practice as well as ways to transform the teaching in my building as a teacher leader. I left better equipped as a leader in my building.
Michele Baskin, M.Ed. ‘19
Loyola's educational technology program was a highly beneficial learning experience for me. Fabulous professors and fellow scholars created a collaborative and enlightening environment that enhanced my growth as a teacher.
Taylor Uzdzinski, M.Ed. ‘18
In Loyola's Educational Technology program, I learned the importance of continually learning and growing. This program has not only benefited me and my career but countless students in my classrooms and schools.
Whitney Plunkett, M.Ed. ‘19
Because of my degree, my principal created an instructional technology position for me at my school. I’m so thankful for my experience at Loyola. I’m more knowledgeable, more confident, and a leader among my peers. I’ve made lasting friendships and professional connections.
Nia Wilkes, M.Ed. ’16
My principal is impressed by the education I received in the Ed Tech program at Loyola and how I’ve planned and implemented distance learning at my school. In addition to my role as music teacher, I am now the technology coordinator. I’m in charge of website updates and marketing communications. I am very happy!
Joanna Edwards, M.Ed. ’20
The foundation of what I learned during my time in the Educational Technology program immensely prepared me for remote and hybrid teaching. From utilizing tech tools with my students and making remote learning engaging and meaningful, the skills and pedagogies from my program helped me feel empowered, and for my students to never miss a beat of instructional time.
Ashley Clark, M.Ed. ‘18

A Student Centered Approach to Online Learning

Loyola’s Jesuit values infuse every program with a passion for a better world for all. In our Educational Technology program, this means addressing the social justice issues along the path to excellent online learning. These include defining equity in educational technology, addressing the needs of diverse learners, determining how to expand access to online learning to all students, and understanding the legal and ethical standards of digital citizenship.

We strive to empower our educators to become leaders in the field, able to teach and support their colleagues and advocate for necessary change. They will leave the program prepared to take key roles in the change process in their school districts and engage in the visioning and planning processes for implementing technology district- or even state-wide.

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