Kodály Music Education

Level IV Courses

Loyola students play games

Level IV Kodály courses are as follows:

Advanced Studies in Music Education (ED 900, 3 credits)

Students will do an in-depth study of Music Learning Theory, including theory, aptitude testing, practical applications in the classroom, and assessment.

Teaching Students with Special Needs (SE 800, 3 credits)

Students will learn strategies and materials for teaching exceptional students in the music class. Emphasis will be placed on recognizing learning and behavioral characteristics, and on meeting those challenges in an educational setting.

Foundations of Educational Research (ED 600, 3 credits)

Students will examine various approaches to research in education, including historical/experimental methods, the survey, case study, and philosophical inquiry. The course will focus on quantitative and qualitative methodology. Students will be encouraged to develop a basis for evaluating and understanding research in the field and to familiarize themselves with the literature in their chosen areas of concentration. Acquisition of state-of-the-art information searching and accessing strategies is an integral part of the course objectives.

Choir (no fee, no credit)

As a graduation requirement, all Level IV students will rehearse daily, and perform in the Closing Concert, with the Level I, II, and III Choral Studies students as members of the Kodály summer choir.  Repertoire will include choral masterpieces from all periods, arrangements of folk music of various styles, and recent compositions. Studies will include interpretation, musical style, principles of choral singing, and application of solfa in learning new music.