Kodály Music Education

Kodály Fees and Expenses

Application and Registration

  • Application to the master’s program - $60
  • Course registration - $25
  • Tuition, per semester credit hour - $605
  • Graduation fee (due fourth summer) - $150

Administrative Charges

  • Materials fee (each summer, non-refundable) - $60
  • Activities fee (each summer, non-refundable) - $160

Books and Materials

A list of required books and materials, including their costs, will be sent to each registered student. The largest investment in books and materials occurs at Level I. The same books are used again in Levels II and III, with very few additions. All books are essential items for the Kodály teacher’s library. Folk instrument kits and some textbooks are available directly from AKI. The remainder of the textbooks and supplies may be purchased from the Loyola bookstore, online book shops, or music stores. 

Approximate costs are listed below:

  • Level I Books, Software, Materials, Musicianship: $825
  • Level II Books, Materials, Musicianship: $650
  • Level III Books, Materials, Musicianship: $425
  • Level IV Books and Musicianship: $300


Level IV Students

Thursday, July 9 – Saturday, Aug. 1, 2020
(23 nights)

Level I, II, III Students 

Friday, July 10 – Saturday, Aug. 1, 2020
(22 nights)