Kodály Music Education

Kodály Learning Aims

Loyola students talking with childrenThe successful student in Kodály Music Education will demonstrate proficiency in the following knowledge and skills:

  • Planning for instruction and skillfully implementing an engaging, singing-based, sequential, child-developmental, vocal music curriculum consistent with the principles and tools of Kodály Methodology and Music Learning Theory that develops in children singing skills, music literacy, knowledge of their musical heritage, and a desire for life-long participation in musical activities.   
  • Researching, selecting, analyzing, categorizing, indexing and gathering into a retrieval system children's songs, singing games, folk songs, and art songs that support the rhythmic, melodic, harmonic, and formal elements of a comprehensive Kodály curriculum.
  • Building and playing folk instruments to accompanying children’s singing in the vocal music class.
  • Planning for instruction and implementing an engaging, sequential choral curriculum that fosters children’s skills in singing, diction, harmony, score reading, and artistic expression.
  • Conducting choral ensembles with musically and expressively effective conducting gestures.
  • Applying personal musicianship skills, including sight singing, ear training, and harmonic analysis, on an advanced level.
  • Advocating for universal music education that includes singing, music literacy, musical materials of the highest caliber, preservation of our musical heritage, and joyful music making.