Kodály Music Education

American Kodály Institute Demonstration Singers

The American Kodály Institute Demonstration Singers, or AKIDS, are ages 7 to 11 and come from two local top-notch Kodály training choruses. When these young choristers are on-site for the week, they are led through a variety of songs, games, and activities. This summer camp experience provides the graduate students with opportunity to observe, assist, and lead lessons or choral rehearsals. This endeavor is made possible with the support and collaboration of The American Kodaly Children’s Chorus and Children’s Chorus of Maryland and School of Music. These young musicians are quite skilled in the areas of solfa, sight reading, and choral performance, making this a truly unique and wonderful experience for all! 

AKIDS work with top-notch Kodály training choruses during a week of songs and games.

Students playing instruments with children singing

A graduate student observes and leads choral rehearsals. 

 Loyola students singing with students

AKIDS sing, dance, and perform through a week of Kodály engagement.

Loyola students dancing in a circle with students

By the end of the week, the AKIDS are trained in the areas of solfa, sight reading, and choral performance.

Loyola students leading a music class of children