Urban Teacher Cohort

This program is designed to prepare exceptionally qualified teachers who are responsive to the educational needs of diverse learners in urban settings. 

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Program Concentrations

Within the MAT program candidates can concentrate in Elementary or Secondary Education; each of these concentrations offer disciplinary specialty areas in PK-12

  • MAT, Elementary (grades 1-6)
  • MAT, Secondary (grades 7-12 or PK-12)

Certification Areas and Program Prerequisites

Elementary Education

Please visit the Master of Arts in Teaching, Elementary page for program prerequisites. 

Secondary Education (Grades 7-12 or PK-12)

Please visit the Master of Arts in Teaching, Secondary for program prerequisites and full listing of certification areas. 

Program Format

This is a full time cohort program. Courses will meet in the late afternoon and early evening to balance various schedules. Students will take a minimum of six credits every semester. Following this schedule, you will complete the program in approximately 2 years. 

Unique Program Features

  • High quality of teacher preparation 
  • Strong field experiences in urban school setting 
  • Courses focused in urban education pedagogy

Field Experiences

This program includes two 20-hour field placement designed to provide the student with exposure to school classroom operations prior to the internship.

  • Internship I is one day or two half days a week for a semester after initial consecutive full time orientation days.
  • Internship II consists of teaching five school days a week for the semester.  Students take an Internship II Seminar.