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Why I Chose the 5-Year MAT

Loyola University Maryland's School of Education is proud to offer many great programs across different disciplines that can meet the student where they are, in almost any walk of life.


Our Combined B.A./B.S.-MAT program, a 5th year master's degree program for current Loyola students, was designed for undergraduate students at Loyola from disciplines outside education who wish to be certified at the middle or high school level (grades 7-12). The five-year program results in a bachelor's degree within their area of major and a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) degree.


So, students who start their major off in a specific subject, like English or Science, and then realize they want to teach, have the opportunity to do both. Loyola students apply in the spring of their Junior year so they may begin taking graduate coursework their senior year. Their graduate coursework continues upon graduation for one additional year and leads to initial teacher certification. This program is the fastest and most cost-effective route for Loyola students to pursue the Loyola MAT.


One student in particular, Mathew Rossi, '17, MAT '18 (expected), shares his experience in the program with us.


“I chose to pursue the 5-year M.A.T. because it saves me time and money, allowing me to enter the education field earlier and at a higher level of competency than most. Teaching was not always my career aspiration. I entered Loyola as a declared Psychology Major with plans to become a Clinical Psychologist. Halfway through my Sophomore year, I  woke up one day and realized that it wasn’t for me, so I happily switched to a B.A. in English/Writing.


After pondering what I wanted to do with my newfound degree path, I realized how instrumental my high school English teachers were in getting me to care, intrinsically, about learning and about the world around me. Soon afterwards, I discovered the M.A.T. program and I’ve never looked back. My time as a work study in the education office greatly influenced my decision—the faculty here are always pleasant and encouraging. The relationships I’ve built here assured me that I would leave Loyola more conscientious, empowered, and understanding than when I entered. I hope that I can do for my students what my teachers did for me!”


-Mathew Rossi, BA '18 /MAT