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Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony to Launch the PDS Loyola Learning Center at Overlea High School

In April 2018, Loyola University Maryland’s School of Education secured a grant for a PDS Loyola Learning Center at Overlea High School, one of Loyola’s Professional Development Schools (PDS). The Learning Center provides an inviting space to host Professional Development School collaboration for enhanced learning opportunities at Overlea High School. Faculty, staff, PDS faculty and interns, and partners of the school can utilize the space to network and collaborate to enhance the knowledge and skills of the educators and improve their professional learning environment.

Rob Helfenbein, Debbie Phelps, Kathy Klausmeier, Melissa Mulieri, and Stacy Williams hold the ribbon while Monica Sample cutsOn November 27, 2018, Rob Helfenbein, associate dean for the School of Education, PDS interns and faculty, Stacy Williams, Laura Alpaugh, and Melissa Mulieri, Clare Kruft, from Baltimore County Public Schools’ Division of Organizational Effectiveness, Debbie Phelps, Executive Director of the Educational Foundation, and State Senator of Baltimore County District 8, Kathy Klausmeier, joined the faculty and staff of Overlea High School for a ribbon-cutting ceremony to launch the new PDS Loyola Learning Center. 

The ceremony commenced with opening remarks from Rob Helfenbein, followed by Clare Kruft, Kathy Klausmeier, Debbie Phelps, and Overlea High School’s principal, Monica Sample. A reception followed the ceremony.

The PDS faculty along with others from the ceremony will have the opportunity to strengthen their networks and professional learning techniques at the 2018 Learning Forward Annual Conference being held in Dallas, TX. 


Overlea faculty and staff standing around Learning Center Photo of PDS faculty, Overlea principal, Clare Kruft, Kathy Klausmeier, and Rob Helfenbein Rob Helfenbein talking with Overlea faculty at a table at the reception