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Loyola's Ed Tech Program Weighs in on the Best Tech Gifts for Kids on Fox 5's Good Day DC

Still have shopping to do? Lots of parents scramble to find the best gifts for their kids this time of year. Irene Bal, lecturer in Loyola’s Educational Technology program, weighed in on Fox 5’s Good Day DC. 

“Technology is everywhere. And it’s not just ‘here’s a device, go learn and watch videos,’ it’s learning how to use that device and create within that device. So with these kinds of tech gifts, students can critically think and problem-solve,” said Bal.

Some of the toys recommended include the Makey Makey, Sphero, Parrot Drones, and Breakout EDU. All toys are $150 or less and are made for ages five and over, however, some toys can be used for younger children with supervision.

Watch the segment for her top picks for the most educational and affordable tech toys for kids in K-12.

Professor Bal is a certified K-12 music teacher with a passion for integrating technology into the visual and performing arts. Her experience includes coaching teachers on integrating technology, blending and flipping instruction, and creating a student-centered learning environment. 

Loyola’s M.Ed. in Educational Technology emphasizes an intentional, research-based approach designed to transform educators into technology leaders in the K-12 classroom, school, district, and beyond. The program focuses on the practical application of educational technology theories—whether planning, implementing a curriculum, or administering a district-wide technology program. Students learn powerful, useful concepts that help them keep pace with fast-changing technology trends that are influencing and disrupting education and children’s learning habits.