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TeachersConnect: A Community Built by Teachers

The Loyola University Maryland School of Education family benefits from Loyola TeachersConnect, a powerful teaching movement to make sure that teaching is never again a solo activity. Loyola is a pioneer university on the TeachersConnect platform, and has created an online network of mentorship and collaboration that connects Loyola students, faculty, alumni, and mentor teachers in a teacher-centric of community and enterprise.

What is Loyola TeachersConnect? TeachersConnect is a free online community for any teacher and those who prepare, support, and empower them in the classroom. The community grants teachers access to the most powerful resource of all: each other. Teachers are able to share ideas and experience, ask questions, and collaborate with other teachers.

Loyola TeachersConnect provides an easy and enjoyable way to:

- Reconnect with your Loyola cohort, mentor teacher, and fieldwork supervisor
- Connect with teachers from the same grade and subject as you
- Gather cutting-edge ideas for your classroom
- Get trusted resources and exchange lesson ideas
- Get answers to your pressing questions
- Get recognized for your classroom victories

Join for free today and see what other teachers are working on in the new school year and get ideas for your own classroom!