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TeachersConnect: The Loyola Community

Loyola University Maryland’s School of Education students and alumni benefit in many ways from the free online community, Loyola TeachersConnect. Loyola TeachersConnect community grants teachers access to the most powerful resource of all: each other. Loyola students and alumni are able to reconnect with their cohort, mentor teacher, and fieldwork supervisor, connect with other teachers in the same grade and subject, gather cutting-edge ideas for their classroom, get trusted resources, exchange lesson ideas, and get answers to their pressing questions.

Loyola is a pioneer university on the TeachersConnect platform, and has created an online network of mentorship and collaboration that connects Loyola students, faculty, alumni, and mentor teachers. All Loyola School of Education students and alumni are invited to join the community.

We will introduce the Loyola TeachersConnect community builders in a three-part blog series.

Meet the Loyola TeachersConnect community builders!

Alexa Del Piano

About Me

Photo of Alexa Del PianoI love creating art projects that are interdisciplinary, open-ended, accessible to all students and incorporate social justice. I have interned and volunteered in city-based art therapy non-profits for psychologically challenged adults and youth. As an undergrad I was awarded an innovation grant to teach art lessons to youth utilizing handmade sustainable paints in post-war Sri Lanka. I see art education as integral for learning, identity formation, and a vehicle for social change.

  • Education: Loyola University Maryland
  • Teaching Experience: Overlea High School, Art Intern, Pine Grove Elementary, Art Intern
  • Teacher Communities: Loyola University Maryland

I turn to the TeachersConnect community when…
I am having a challenging work week or if I have a question I would like more experienced teachers to advise me on.

A moment the TC community really impacted my teaching was…
When I requested recommendations for classroom management strategies, I received many strategies and anecdotes from teachers in different settings about effective strategies.

What I enjoy most about participating in the Loyola TC community is…
How candid and open teachers are about their experiences.

Being active in the Loyola community helps me feel connected to Loyola because…
I have found that support systems have grown organically. When we are active and engage in dialogue, we often figure out ways to support one another to be successful.

Is there anything else you would like to share?
I highly recommend joining TeachersConnect as an invaluable resource. It is a great way to make connections and ask for support from other teachers, in whatever capacity you choose.

John Lambert

About me

Photo of John LambertI am a high school social studies teacher with experience in both urban and rural schools and interests in equity. I also like baseball…a lot.

  • Education: Loyola University Maryland, Washington College
  • Teaching Experience: Pikesville High, 9th-12th grade, social studies, St. Michaels Middle/High 7th & 8th grade social studies
  • Teacher Communities: Loyola University Maryland, Shift This

I turn to the TeachersConnect community when…
I desire to explore the intricacies of the profession.

What I enjoy most about participating in the Loyola TC community is…
The communal feel and the opportunities for self-improvement.

I connect with other teachers on TC because…
They all provide valuable information and experiences to draw upon.

Being a part of the Loyola community on TC means…
Access to committed individuals looking to better themselves and their students.

Being active in the Loyola community helps me feel connected to Loyola because…
It helps me stay connected to those learning and entering the profession to ensure that I am not becoming jaded or lazy in my practice.