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TeachersConnect: The Loyola Community

Loyola University Maryland’s School of Education students and alumni benefit in many ways from the free online community, Loyola TeachersConnect. Loyola TeachersConnect community grants teachers access to the most powerful resource of all: each other. Loyola students and alumni are able to reconnect with their cohort, mentor teacher, and fieldwork supervisor, connect with other teachers in the same grade and subject, gather cutting-edge ideas for their classroom, get trusted resources, exchange lesson ideas, and get answers to their pressing questions.

Loyola is a pioneer university on the TeachersConnect platform, and has created an online network of mentorship and collaboration that connects Loyola students, faculty, alumni, and mentor teachers. All Loyola School of Education students and alumni are invited to join the community.

Meet more of the Loyola TeachersConnect community builders!

T’Ericka Perry

About Me

Photo of T'Ericka PerryI’ve been in the classroom for three years and I’m getting my Master’s in Elementary Education. I’m passionate about taking chances, making mistakes, and getting messy—while teaching my students to do the same.

  • Education: Loyola University Maryland, Waynesburg University
  • Teaching Experience: Lakeland Elementary, 5th Grade Math, Roots and Branches School, Kindergarten, Bay-Brook Elementary, 3rd Grade
  • Teacher Communities: Loyola University Maryland, Facing History and Ourselves

I turn to the TeachersConnect community when…

I’m looking for inspiration or advice.

One way TC has really impacted my teaching is…

I saw comments on someone post about restorative practices that also had links to different websites. Access to that information had me adjusting some of my own teaching practices and I feel like it has helped me connect better with my students.

I connect with other teachers on TC because…

When I first started teaching I distinctly remember feeling alone and not knowing what to do in many situations, and not feeling like I had a place to turn to. TC is a way to combat that experience now as a more experienced educator who still has a lot to learn as a way to be engaged with other educators who have questions as well.

Being a part of the Loyola Community on TC means…

I get to interact with the wider Loyola community beyond the people I see in class. As a graduate student, it can be difficult to feel like a member of a college campus since I don’t live on campus and only go to campus for class. TC helps me feel more connected because I consistently see an intimate piece of other people’s teaching experiences.

Gena Stenger

About Me

Photo of Gena StengerI am currently in graduate school at Loyola University Maryland studying curriculum and instruction for social justice, with a concentration in leadership. I am really passionate about knowing your students, trauma-informed instruction, Restorative Justice Circles, making positive parent connections and partnerships and all things urban education related. I also really enjoy guided reading and teaching phonics.

  • Education: Loyola University Maryland
  • Teaching Experience: Lakeland Elementary, K and 1st Grade, All Elementary Subjects
  • Teacher Communities: Loyola University Maryland

I turn to the TeachersConnect community when…

I am interested in what other kindergarten teachers are doing with their students. More specifically, I always turn to the community when I feel like I need more attention-grabbers or academic brain-breaks.

A moment the TC community really impacted my teaching was…

When I was changing grades this summer, I reached out to the community for suggested books, strategies articles, routines, materials, etc. It was so helpful to get me on the right track to start teaching kindergarten.

I connect with other teachers on TC because…

While there are many miles between my classroom and other educators’ classrooms, there are so many similarities between them. I love learning about what is happening in other teachers’ classrooms. They provide great inspiration.

Being active in the Loyola community helps me feel connected to Loyola because…

It helps me feel connected to the current undergrads at Loyola as well as the alumni who are in Baltimore and in various other cities and towns.