Previous Events/Speakers

2018 Events

2018- CIUE Presents: Baltimore Based Work: Research in the Context of Urban Classrooms
2018- The Art of Leadership Conference 
2018- EdCamp
2018- Sister Cleophas Costello Lecture: Featuring Gabby Douglas
2018- CIUE Presents: Postdoctoral Teaching Fellows Examine Teaching in Urban Spaces
2018- CIUE Presents: What is Policing Trying to Teach Us?

2017 Events 

2017- EdCamp 
2017- Sister Cleophas Costello Lecture: Featuring Elizabeth Smart 
2017- Tweet This! Explaining how Middle/High School Students' Use of Social Media to Communicate about Uprising Impacts the School Community
2017- 10th Annual Literacy Leadership Awards
2017- Dr. Marc Lamont Hill- "Building Community and Resistance in the Age of Trump"
2017- Screenagers
2017- Stress, Mindfulness, and Self Care

2016 Events 

2016- Dr. Peter C. Murrell Jr. Memorial Symposium on Urban Education 
2016- Race, Place, & Space: Engaging issues in diversity in schools, a conversation series 
2016- El Futuro de Baltimore: A Conversation on our Changing Demographics
2016- Literacy Leadership Awards

2015 Events

2015- UNITE Presents: Deborah Phelps Reflections of an Educational Leader
2015- “Neuromyths” What Educators Need to Know about Brain Development with Keynote Speaker, Laura Flores Shaw
2015- "Making Culturally Relevant Pedagogy Relevant" with Keynote Speaker, Adrienne Dixon, Ph.D. - March 31 

2014 Events 

2014- Hip Hop/Hip Hope: Reinventing Culturally Relevant Pedagogy featuring Dr. Gloria Ladson-Billings
2014- “For Us, By Us”:  A Vision for Culturally Sustaining Pedagogies Forwarded by Urban Youth featuring Dr. Jason Irizarry 

2013 Events

2013- Tale of Two Baltimores: Gentrification, Failed Laws, and How You Can Fix It! featuring C. Mathew Hill, J.D. 
2013- What You Should Learn about Urban Teaching in Your Teacher Preparation Program but Won't!

2011 Events

2011- What’s Race Got to do with it? Engagement, Expectations, and Equity in our Public Schools featuring Julie Landsman 

2009 Events 

2009- School of Education Inaugural Convocation featuring Dr. Nancy S. Grasmich 
2009- African-American Males and Education: Beyond Excuses and Toward Solution featuring Dr. H. Richard Milner 
2009- Identities of Achievement in 21st Century Urban Schools featuring Dr. Peter C. Murrell (Founding Dean of Loyola University Maryland School of Education)
2009-  The Baltimore Lead and Succeed Program: A Blueprint for Creating a Community of Academic Excellence in Baltimore City featuring Dr. Tracy R. Rone Research Associate, Institute for Urban Research, Morgan State University