Jack H. Rice

Jack Rice

Director, Loyola University Maryland's Center for Montessori Education
Xavier Hall 111


MBA, York University
Diploma in Secondary Education, McGill University
Honors Specialist Designation in Science Education, University of Toronto
B.Sc., University of Western Ontario


Jack Rice comes to Loyola with over 20 years of experience in education; 11 of those years were as head of two Montessori schools in Canada and Australia. Jack holds an honors BSc from the University of Western Ontario, a diploma in Secondary Education from McGill University, an honors specialist designation in Science Education from the University of Toronto and an MBA from York University. Jack was introduced to Montessori Education at the Toronto Montessori Institute (TMI) in 2003 and has been a passionate advocate of Dr. Montessori’s work ever since. Jack served on the Montessori Australia Foundation’s Head of School advisory committee and has presented at several Montessori conferences in Australia, Canada and the United States.