Blouch, William
Professor of Accounting
wblouch@loyola.edu 410-617-2598 Sellinger Hall 302
 frank izzo Izzo, Frank
Lecturer of Accounting
fbizzo@loyola.edu  410-617-2752 Sellinger Hall 319
Keeling, Kermit
Associate Professor Emeritus of Accounting

Krahel, John P.
Associate Professor of Accounting
Accounting Department Chair

jkrahel@loyola.edu 410-617-5416 Sellinger Hall 317
Michenzi, Alfred Michenzi, Alfred
Professor Emeritus of Accounting
Rice, E. Barry
Rice, E. Barry
Assistant Professor Emeritus of Accounting
Sedaghat, Ali
Associate Professor Emeritus of Accounting
asedaghat@loyola.edu 410-617-2843 Sellinger Hall 310
Soroosh, Jalal

Soroosh, Jalal
Professor of Accounting

jsoroosh@loyola.edu 410-617-2543 Sellinger Hall 303
Dr. Bobby Waldrup
Waldrup, Bobby
Professor of Accounting
Associate Dean - Academic
bwaldrup@loyola.edu 410-617-5525 Sellinger Hall 101c
Zhu, Hong Zhu, Hong
Associate Professor of Accounting
hzhu1@loyola.edu 410-617-2597 Sellinger Hall 308