Dr. Srikanth Ramamurthy

RamamurthyAssociate Professor of Economics


Sellinger Hall 323

Research Areas

Bayesian Econometrics, Applied Time Series, Macroeconomics, Financial Economics

Academic Degrees

Ph D, Washington University in St. Louis, 2009

Representative Publications

"Tailored randomized block MCMC methods with application to DSGE models" (Joint work with Siddhartha Chib) Journal of Econometrics 155(2010) 19-38.

"DSGE models with student-t errors" (Joint work with Siddhartha Chib) Econometric Reviews

Professional Memberships

Econometric Society
American Economic Association
American Finance Association
Southern Economic Association

Current Projects

"Monetary Policy Regime Changes and the Term Structure: Evidence from a DSGE Model " (Joint work with Siddhartha Chib and Kyu-Ho Kang) Under review

"Labor Market Discrimination and Endogenous Worker Characteristics" (Joint work with Norman Sedgley)

"Bayesian Estimation of New Keynesian Models with Learning" (Joint work with Eric Gaus)