Dr. Stephen J.K. Walters

WaltersProfessor of Economics


Sellinger Hall 300

Research Areas

Industrial organization and regulation, Economic analysis of law, Sports economics, Urban economics

Academic Degrees

Ph D, University of California, Los Angeles
MA, University of California, Los Angeles
BA, University of Pennsylvania

Representative Publications

Stephen J. Walters, Reflections on Private Water Supply: Agency and Equity Issues, Journal of Applied Corporate Finance, 23(3) 2011, 36-40.

Stephen J. Walters, Don't play games with tax breaks for developers; cut the rates for everyone, Baltimore Business Journal, 2010, 39.

Stephen J. Walters, This time it's different: Rehabbing Wrigley a sound investment, The Chicago Tribune, 2010.

Stephen J. Walters, Don't give up on slots at the track, The Baltimore Sun, 2010.

Stephen J. Walters, Unions and the Decline of U.S. Cities, The Cato Journal, 30(1) 2010, 117-135.

John D. Burger and Stephen J. Walters, Uncertain Prospects: Rates of Return in the Baseball Draft, Journal of Sports Economics, 10(5) 2009, 485-501

Walters, S. J.K., Miserendino, L., Baltimore's Flawed Renaissance: The Failure of Plan-Control-Subsidize Redevelopment, Prospectives on Eminent Domain Abuse; Institute of Justice, 3, (2008).

Burger, J. D., Walters, S. J.K., The Existence and Persistence of a Winner's Curse: New Evidence from the (Baseball) Field, Southern Economic Journal, 75, 1, (2008).

Walters, S. J., Burger, J. D., Arbitrator Bias and Self Interest: Lessons from the Baseball Labor Market, Journal of Labor Research, 26, 2, (2005), p. 14.

Walters, S. J., Burger, J. D., Market Size, Pay, and Performance: A General Model and Application to Major League Baseball, Journal of Sports Economics, 4, 2, (2003), p. 108-25.

Walters, S. J., Hanke, S. H., Economic Freedom, Prosperity, and Equality: A Survey, Cato Journal, 17, 2, (1997), p. 117-46.

Awards and Honors

Newman Scholar, Loyola College (2002)
Distinguished Teacher of the Year, Loyola College (2005)
Loyola College Faculty Research Grant, Loyola College (2005)

Professional Memberships

Southern Economic Association
Western Economic Association
International Association of Sports Economists
Society for American Baseball Research

Current Projects

Writing a book about the decline of the American central city.