Dr. Walter Reinhart


Professor of Finance


Timonium 40g

Academic Degrees

Ph D, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
MBA, Oklahoma State University
BS, Oklahoma State University

Representative Publications

Seung H. Han, Yoon S. Shin, Walter J. Reinhart and William T. Moore, Market Segmentation Effects in Corporate Credit Rating Changes: The Case of Emerging Markets, Journal of Financial Services Research, 35(2) 2009, 142-167.

Reinhart, W. J., Doncel, L. M., Sainz, J., A Behavioral Approach to MiFID, Banks and Banking Systems, 1, (2008).

Reinhart, W. J., Brennan, M., Behavioral Portfolios Performance Measurement, Financial Decisions, 19, 1, (2007).

Reinhart, W. J., Burns, R. M., Credito, C., Walker, J., The Clarity of Bank Loan Terminology: Practitioner versus Academic Nomenclature, Journal of Financial Education, (2007).

Keeling, K. O., Reinhart, W. J., TIPS for Investing, Journal of Taxation of Investments, Summer 2005, (2005).

Keeling, K. O., Reinhart, W. J., Treasury Inflation-Indexed Securities Provide Protection Against Inflation, Journal of Taxation of Investments, (2004), p. 9.