Oversight and Process

Investment Committee of Board

  • Approve annual allocation to SAP Fund;
  • Monitor performance of SAP Fund on a monthly basis as part of the University’s endowment; and
  • May invite faculty and students to attend Investment Committee meetings to discuss SAP Fund


  • Provide oversight and direction to students;
  • Submit buy and sell requests to Associate Vice President for Finance for approval and to Director of Investment and Treasury Services for processing; and
  • Submit semester end reports detailing Fund performance to Department Chair, Associate Vice President for Finance, Director of Investment and Treasury Services


  • Perform research and rebalancing within portfolio
  • Prepare buy and sell requests for approval by faculty

Office of Business and Finance

  • Associate vice president for finance approves all buy and sell requests;
  • Director of investment and treasury services works with investment custodian to process all buy and sell requests; and
  • Ensure all investments within the SAP Fund are liquidated annually

Investment Custodian and Investment Consultant

  • Process all buy and sell requests
  • Provide quarterly Fund performance report