Dr. Theresa L. Jefferson


Assistant Professor of Information Systems


Sellinger Hall 208

Research Areas

Primary research interests are in the area of risk analysis, information systems and decision analysis.

Academic Degrees

DSc, The George Washington University
MS, The George Washington University
BS, The George Washington University

Representative Publications

Jefferson T., F. Fiedrich., and J. Harrald (2012). "Linking infrastructure resilience to response requirements: the New Madrid Seismic Zone case." International Journal of Infrastructures, vol. 8, (1) pp. 22-46.

Coden A.R., J. Harrald, M. Tanenblatt, T. Jefferson, and P. Murray-Tuite, (2012). Looking Glasss." International Journal of Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management (IJISCRAM), vol. 4 (1) pp. 17-46.

Deason, K.S and T. Jefferson (2010). "A Systems Approach To Improving Fleet Policy Compliance Within the US Federal Government." Energy Policy, vol. 38, (6), pp. 2865-2874.

Jefferson, T. and J. Harrald (2007). "Collaborative Technology: Providing Agility in Response to Extreme Events." International Journal of Electronic Governance, vol. 1(1) pp. 79-93.

Mendonca, D., T. Jefferson and J. Harrald (2007). "Emergent Interoperability: Collaborative Adhocracies and Mix and Match Technologies in Emergency Management." Communications of the ACM. Vol. 50(3) 45-49.

Harrald, J.R., and T. Jefferson (2007). "Supporting Critical Multi-Organization Collaboration during Response to Catastrophic Events," Organization: Journal of Management, Informatics, and Human Resources, vol. 40, pp. 109-114.