Dr. Michael Runnels

runnelsAssociate Professor of Law and Social Responsibility


Sellinger Hall 406

Academic Degrees

JD, Fordham University
BA, University of Georgia

Representative Publications

Alexander Kaufman and Michael B. Runnels, The Core of an Unqualified Case for Judicial Review, A Reply to Jeremy Waldron and Contemporary Critics, 82 BROOKLYN L. REV. 163 (2016)

Rising to China's Challenge in the Pacific Rim: Reforming the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act to Further the Trans-Pacific Partnership, 39 Seattle U. L. Rev. 107 (2015).

Bringing New Governance Home: The Need for Regulation in the Domestic Workplace, 81 UMKC L. Rev. 899 (2013).

The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act & New Governance: Incentivizing Ethical Foreign Direct Investment in China and Other Emerging Economics, 34 Cardozo Law Review 294 (2012).

Cooperative NRDA & New Governance: Getting to Restoration in the Hudson River, the Gulf of Mexico, and Beyond, 77 Brooklyn Law Review 107 (2011).

Dispute Resolution & New Governance: Role of the Corporate Apology, 34 Seattle Law Review 481 (2011).

Corporate Social Responsibility and the New Governance: In Search of Epstein's Good Company in the Employment Context, 43 Akron Law Review 501 (2010).

Apologies All Around: Advocating Federal Protection for the Full Apology in Civil Cases, 46 San Diego Law Review 137 (2009).

UNCLOS and the Arctic: The Path of Least Resistance, 30 Fordham International Law Journal 1587 (2007).

One Nation Indivisible: The Use of Diversity Report Cards to Promote Transparency, Accountability, and Workplace Fairness, 9 Fordham Journal of Corporate and Financial Law 395 (2004).

Professional Memberships

Member of the Maryland Bar and the American Bar Association.