The Lattanze Center

The Lattanze Center at Loyola University Maryland is nationally recognized as a center of excellence for academic and practitioner collaboration on issues related to information technology. The Lattanze Center sponsors research and programs to improve the practice and education of business in the Sellinger School of Business and Management and within the greater Baltimore/Washington, D.C. community.

About Us

The David D. Lattanze Center for Information Value was formed in 1987 as a joint venture designed to create a partnership between the information technology community and Loyola University’s Sellinger School of Business and Management. As a nationally recognized center of excellence for management collaboration, the Lattanze Center at Loyola University Maryland aims to serve business professionals inside and outside of the Loyola University community on issues related to business excellence and information technology.

David D. Lattanze

David D. Lattanze, MBA, '82, was an important advocate for technology and ahead of his time in the business world. He was employed by IBM Corporation for 25 years, and became an industry marketing specialist during that time. He played an integral role in implementing computer systems for all fields of business. In 1984, Lattanze retired from IBM and pursued a career in education. His dream was to establish a forum for communication to benefit members of the information technology community. After he passed away in 1986, his family and other contributors founded the Lattanze Center to carry on his dream for the business community. Learn more about David D. Lattanze.

Our Mission

The Lattanze Center seeks the advancement of relevance and rigor in the shared knowledge about information systems through synergies among academics, business professionals, and students. It supports funded research, symposia, and working papers to facilitate the sharing of new knowledge about information technology and systems. Each year, the Lattanze Center recognizes a CIO of the Year who personifies the values of Lattanze and the values of Loyola University Maryland.

Our Values

The Lattanze Center values both rigor and relevance as the result of business and academic activities that embody curiosity, thoughtfulness, clarity, sharing, diversity, openness, independence, and discipline.

Our Vision

The Lattanze Center at Loyola University will be:

  • An internationally known research center that supports high quality academic research;
  • A nationally recognized center of excellence which honors IS leadership annually;
  • A resource for the business community to seek answers to the problems and questions it faces;
  • A conduit for students to find internships and for businesses to locate highly qualified new-hires;
  • An applied forum in which students at all levels can become acquainted with current business issues and research; and
  • A community of scholars in the Baltimore/Washington, D.C./Philadelphia area who are engaged in active research along with Loyola faculty and students at all levels.

Our Executive of the Year Award

Our Information Technology Executive of the Year Award honors executives and organizations that have made outstanding contributions through the integration of information technology and systems in the business enterprise. The award was established in 1991. The award has recognized executives and organizations of national and international reputation and stature. Learn more about the Lattanze event.

Contact Us

Paul Tallon
Executive Director
Professor of Information Systems

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Loyola University Maryland
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