Dr. Richard Robert Klink

KlinkProfessor of Marketing
DeFrancis Faculty Scholar


Sellinger Hall 418


Richard R. Klink is a Professor of Marketing in the Joseph A. Sellinger, S.J., School of Business and Management.  He received his Ph.D. in marketing from the University of Pittsburgh in 1996.  His research interests include new product development and management with a focus on branding issues.  His current teaching interests are in the areas of marketing strategy and international marketing.  He recently took undergraduate students enrolled in his international marketing course to Europe to visit companies such as BMW, Lloyd's of London, and The Economist.

Academic Degrees

Ph D, University of Pittsburgh
MBA, University of Pittsburgh
BS, Duquesne University

Representative Publications

Klink, Richard R. and Lan Wu (2017), “Creating Ethical Brands: The Role of Brand Name on Consumer Perceived Ethicality, Marketing Letters¸28 (3), 411-422

Truong, Yann, Richard R. Klink, Geoff Simmons, Amir Grinstein and Mark Palmer (2017), “Branding Strategies for High-technology products: The Effects of Consumer and Product Innovativeness,” Journal of Business Research, 70, 85-91.

Klink, Richard R. and Lan Wu (2017), “Creating Ethical Brands: The Role of Brand Name on Consumer Perceived Ethicality, Marketing Letters¸28 (3), 411-422.

Timsit, Jean-Philippe, Annick Castiaux, Yann Truong, Gerard A. Athaide, and Richard R. Klink (2015), “The effect of market-pull vs resource-push orientation on performance when entering new markets,” Journal of Business Research, 68, 2005-2014.

Klink, Richard R. and Lan Wu (2014), "The Role of Position, Type and Combination of Sound Symbolism Imbeds in Brand Names," Marketing Letters, 25 (1), 13-24.

Truong, Yann, Klink, Richard R., Fort-Rioche, Laurence and Gerard A.
Athaide (2014), "Consumer Response to Product Form in Technology-Based Industries," The Journal of Product Innovation Management, 31 (4), 867-876.

Klink, Richard R. and Gerard A. Athiade (2014), "Examining the Brand Name-Mark Relationship in Emerging Markets," Journal of Product & Brand Management, 23 (4).

Wu, Lan, Klink, Richard R. and Jiansheng Guo (2013), "Creating Gender Brand Personality with Brand Names: The Effects of Phonetic Symbolism," The Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice, 21 (3), 319-329.

Athaide, Gerard A. and Richard R. Klink (2013), "Creating Global Brand Names: The Use of Sound Symbolism," Journal of Global Marketing, 25 (4), 202-212.

Klink, Richard R. and Gerard A. Athaide (2012), "Creating Brand Personality with Brand Names," Marketing Letters 23 (1), 209-217.

Klink, Richard R. and Gerard A. Athaide (2010), "Consumer Innovativeness and the Use of New vs. Existing Brand Names for New Products," The Journal of Product and Innovation Management, 27 (1), 22-31.

Professional Memberships

Academy of Marketing Science
American Marketing Association