Who does Executive Education help and who is it for?

Executive Education seminars are for qualified managers aspiring to executive management positions in their organizations. The typical Executive Education participant is a mid-level manager, aged 35-45, with about 10 or more years of functional experience who has either recently been or is seeking to be promoted to a more general management or director role. Qualified individuals will have several direct reports and a sight line to the strategy of the organization.

The purpose of our seminars is to enhance on-the-job performance and career potential of the participant, not to put them on a tract to get a degree.

  1. Open enrollment seminars for individuals connect participants to peers from various businesses to facilitate networking and skills-based outcomes.
  2. Group custom learning programs are formed in collaboration with your firm and Loyola’s premier faculty to meet specific organizational needs of a group of your fellow employees.

If you are interested in a comprehensive graduate business degree program, the Sellinger School offers various Masters in Business Administration (MBA) degree programs in different formats for different audiences. Students who graduate from a degree program earn a master's from Loyola University Maryland. For more information on the master's degree programs contact mba@loyola.edu or 410-617-5067.

Is Executive Education a degree program?

There are no degree programs associated with Executive Education. The Executive Education Program at the Sellinger School of Business does provide a certificate of completion at the conclusion of each seminar. We can also send a copy to your employer if you so desire. Participants may find this recognition document useful for career development.

How does Executive Education differ from Loyola MBA programs?

Loyola’s MBA programs typically involve a series of integrated for-credit courses that result in an MBA degree. Students focus on the study of organizations and the theories and concepts that drive modern business practices. The Executive Education program, in contrast, consists of independent stand-alone seminars where participants develop key tools that they can put into practice in their own organizations. The goal of each seminar is to improve a specific aspect of job performance and enhance the participant’s immediate potential and professional network. Executive Education seminars are not linked like a lock-step MBA program.

How much are the seminar fees, and what is included?

Seminar fees for each of our fall seminars is $2,800. The fee includes course materials, refreshments, and parking.

Is there a discount program for the open enrollment seminars?

Yes. Loyola’s Executive Education Program offers qualified discounts for multiple seminar participation and early registration. Discount requests are evaluated, approved and processed by the Executive Education office on a case-by-case basis.

  1. Multiple seminar participation – We offer a discount for individuals who wish to attend more than one seminar, or for organizations that wish to send multiple employees to different seminars.
  2. Early Registration – We offer a discount for individuals or organizations registering and making full payment 30 days before the start of the seminar.
    Note: We do not offer compound discounting for both early and multiple seminar registration. If qualified for both, the participant may choose which of the discounts is to be applied to the base seminar fee. The Director of Executive Education and Business Development may grant exceptions to these guidelines on a case-by-case basis. 

Note: We do not offer compound discounting for both early and multiple seminar registration. If qualified for both, the participant may choose which of the discounts is to be applied to the base seminar fee. The Director of Executive Education and Business Development may grant exceptions to these guidelines on a case-by-case basis.

To inquire about the discount policy, please call the office at 410-617-2303 or email execed@loyola.edu.

What is the open enrollment cancellation or transfer policy?

Cancellation: If you wish to cancel, please send written notification by email to Executive Education Office execed@loyola.edu and provide your name, the seminar name and session date from which you are canceling. Cancellations made at least 14 calendar days prior to the start of the program will be subject to a $500 cancellation fee.

A cancelled seminar may be deferred and made up through attendance in a similar program session as determined by the Executive Education Administration Office. The make-up must be completed within one year. There is a $50 transfer fee per seminar to cover administrative costs and the registrant must pay any seminar fee increases should any occur. After a one-year period, deferred seminar fee credit will be forfeited.

Late Cancellation: Registrants who cancel less than 14 days before the first day of the seminar are subject to loss of the full seminar fee but are encouraged to transfer their registration to a later seminar or to another qualified party. (See “Transfer” section)

Transfer: You can transfer your registration to someone else, but your replacement candidate must meet the specified seminar qualifications and pay a $100 processing fee. Participants who transfer attendance to another party will be required to notify the Executive Education Administrative Assistant of name, qualifications and course selection 28 days before start of the selected seminar and will be invoiced for the aforementioned $100 processing fee 14 days prior to start of seminar. The person cancelling the seminar or the new attendee will need to pay by check or credit card prior to start of seminar.

Great format, presentation of concepts, and plenty of group discussion. The leadership seminar provides real techniques and tools that can be applied to daily challenges.

-Chris Rahl, Gordon Feinblatt LLC

I appreciated the immediate and continued team interaction. The course presented subjects and case studies that I recommend for self-awareness and leadership training.

-Stephen Shultz, Brown Advisory

The strategic planning seminar was thoughtfully crafted and executed exploration into the topic at hand. The instructor used a creative approach and extensive experience to deliver on the goals of the class.

-Michael Bamonti, Loyola University Maryland

The seminar on strategic planning was very informative. The instructor offered a concise look into types of strategies and supporting matrices which can be used to plan for competitive advantage in resource planning, product development, and more importantly, life.

-Belinda Edwards, The MITRE Corporation

After attending the seminar I fell more self-aware and prepared in dealing with business decisions. Prior to this session I would say I did not consciously consider strategy on a daily basis and will now make it part of my daily practice.

-Eric Fischer, RSM US LLP

I appreciate that the seminar really encouraged me to think about myself - how I make decisions, what my leadership style is, and what my own core values are. I think being more self-aware will make me a better leader.

-Todd Studney, Director of Finance, Healthcare for the Homeless

The seminar took the fundamentals of leadership and packaged it into a thoughtful tool that can be used in a practical manner in the workplace.

-Minh Nguyen, HRMS, Manager, Archdiocese of Baltimore

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Professional's MBA

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  • Offered at Timonium and Columbia Graduate Centers
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Emerging Leaders MBA

A one-year full-time cohort program targeting immediate graduates or those early in their career

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  • Internship in your target industry
  • Domestic field experience
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Master of Accounting

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